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The Key To Maintaining Good Mental Health And Avoiding Anxiety In The Coming Year 2023

The decline in mental health has been a silent epidemic that has taken over our society. According to data published by the Ministry of Health, during 2021, prescriptions were 54 million boxes of anti-anxiety drugs and 41 million antidepressants in our country. These numbers represent an increase of 4% and 6% respectively over the previous year.

The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, inflation or heat waves have been some of the main factors that have contributed to the emergence of problems related to mental health in the past year.

The statistics of our country are frightening. 4,003 people committed suicide During the year 2021, marking all-time high in spain According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Suicide is already the leading cause of outlier death—not related to disease—as it surpassed deaths from traffic accidents for the first time in 2008.

“The pandemic has a direct impact on what we associate with suicide, a structural issue that is constantly evolving,” Miguel Llorente, professor of legal medicine at the University of Granada, told ENCLAVE ODS.

With these data, good mental health seems fundamental for our society. However, the health emergency of the pandemic and the subsequent economic problems have exposed lack of public health resources To deal with this problem. On many occasions, the waiting lists are endless and psychopharmaceuticals are used, which do not always address the root cause of the problems.

Currently, according to the Spanish Mental Health Confederation, at least 6.7% of the Spanish population (over 3 million people) suffer from anxiety And those are the only ones who are diagnosed. These statistics reveal the need to properly treat mental health problems, as it is something that can significantly reduce the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

So, to kick off 2022, we at ENCLAVE ODS compile some of the advice that psychologists and experts have given us throughout this year. Though it is always advised to try to go to an expert to solve the problem if possible.

anxiety is a normal feeling

For the psychologists Tais Perez and Sergio Garcia, the authors of the book Your anxiety is under control. A Guide To Better Understanding It And Not Letting It Overpower You (Zenith, 2022), LA Worry is one perfectly common sense And it is something that all people feel throughout their lives and its purpose is to “help us and protect us”.

According to an article in the Health Education for Citizens group of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (CEM), “Anxiety is a natural adaptive mechanisms which allows us to be alert to tampering incidents”.

Therefore, worry is not always a bad thing. Although crisis wave when this feeling invades us And we are not able to control it. Faced with this situation, if we have doubts about whether or not to go to a professional for Perez to better manage stress, it is time to go to a psychologist.

“That way, at least you deny that you need it or you can prevent what you fear from happening,” he said. Because, as they say to the Mayo Clinic, “anxiety, like many other mental disorders, It can be more difficult to deal with if you delay,

Still, some of the things we can do to avoid anxiety are staying active, living a healthy life, or avoiding drugs like alcohol, caffeine, theanine, and other stimulants.

avoid rumour-mongering ideas

sometimes some Thoughts go on continuously in our mind., We think about them again and again without stopping, but we cannot get them out of our mind.

As explained to Guillermo Fusé, Professor of Psychology at Madrid’s Complutense University and Chair of Psychology Without, ENCLAVE ODS, “What if something else had happened?”, or “What if I had acted differently?” boundaries.

When it comes to positive thoughts, they can even be good. However, if junk food they can block us and a rapid deterioration of our mental health,

To avoid this type of thinking, some measures that experts suggest are: setting realistic goals; physical activity and a change in the environment, work on your self-esteem; Take refuge in what you love (like painting or reading); being conscious, Talk to a friend for an outside perspective to help you break the cycle; Or go to a psychologist to sort out the root problems.

key to taking care of your mind

keep it good mental health hygiene is the key avoid future problems, For psychologist Irene Gomez Merino, mental care is as important as dental hygiene and brushing your teeth three times a day. Thus, the expert gave us 8 tricks or solutions To take care of our mind everyday:

  1. identify what you are feeling and try to name that feeling, Emotions have been with us since prehistoric times, they help us adapt, we just haven’t been taught how. Perhaps, that feeling is giving you insight into how your needs are, if you are adequately covering them or not.
  2. cover your needs. Feelings that we classify as unpleasant signal to us that one of our basic needs is probably not being covered. They are a message our body sends us. Emotion in Latin means movement, so it is better not to block those emotions, even if they hurt, they are helping us.
  3. watch how you talk to yourself, Try to watch your language; How we talk to each other affects how we feel. Don’t compare yourself to others, allow yourself to make mistakes and learn, ignore all the “I should’s” or “should’s” you impose on yourself.
  4. Connect with the present moment. Try to concentrate on what you are doing, without paying attention to worries or pending tasks. Disconnect your mobile during meals and pay attention to the taste, texture of what you are eating, focus your attention on how the water falls when you take a shower every morning or take a walk at the end of the day.
  5. To do nothing is to do something. We live in a society marked by productivity and haste. When was the last time you allowed yourself to relax or be bored without feeling guilty? Sometimes we have to pause to move forward.
  6. Be active Don’t wait until you’re okay to move. Instead, move on to being nice. Look for rewarding activities, it doesn’t have to be physical exercise, whatever takes care of yourself for you.
  7. Lean into your social circle. Staying connected and reaching out to those who support us are two foundational pillars for regulating our emotions and feeling fulfilled.
  8. Thank you. Before you go to sleep at night, try to remember what three positive aspects of your day you would like to highlight, what accomplishments you made, or what pleasant feelings you experienced.
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