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The key to maintaining physical activity in the summer

Just like healthy eating and rest don’t stop during the summer, the second leg is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. physical activity, This should not happen either. Although autumn and spring provide ideal temperatures to maintain it – between 20 and 24 degrees would be the right climate – there is no reason to stop at December to March. Only a few keys are imposed which point to goodness and which must be followed Avoid exposure during extremely hot days.

According to an article by University of Michigan researchers published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science, seasonal changes have been observed in the motivation to do physical activity. “People—healthy and not sporty—do less physical activity especially in the winter and a little less in the summer. Why does this happen? Because much of the concentration of physical activity is done outdoors. And in adverse conditions, both hot and cold, people do not move. Some countries have structures equipped to do indoor physical activity. There are networks in Canada that connect different shopping centers so people can walk to everything they need in the winter, but out of the elements,” says Diego Iglesias, a cardiologist specializing in sports medicine at Italian Hospital (MN 86921).

In the summer months, outdoor physical activity is limited in terms of schedule. The most recommended thing would be to resort to closed air-conditioned places, thus, maintaining the habit that has been maintained throughout the year. Regarding sports, “The vast majority of recreational sporting activities are seasonal: they end in December and start again in March. Basically because all the sports have a strong season which starts in March and ends in December. Therefore, those engaged in physical activity that are not competitive will need to stick with these groups that have seasonal training plans. For example, rugby ends in late November and starts in April. There are few training sessions in between and most of the time the players are given plans so that they can continue training at home and on vacations”, says Iglesias.

In the summer months, outdoor physical activity is limited in terms of schedule, it is recommended that it be early or late afternoon to avoid excessive heatshutterstock – shutterstock

This does not happen in all parts of the world. “There are many central countries with playgrounds and heated swimming pools and sports facilities. They are covered, heated in winter and cooled in summer. Not so in Argentina, where most people get physical activity outside. Clubs don’t have the means to roof and air-condition everything. In clubs such as River, Velez or Boca, 80% of their playing structure is outside. This is obviously not because they want to do so, but because the roofing and air-conditioning of a sports field, a football, basketball, or handball field, is expensive. I think this is the biggest difficulty”, says the specialist in sports medicine.

In respect of the training and physical routine practiced during the year, They can’t always be taken outside in the summer months, Especially in those hours when the sun is strongest. It is always advised to choose cool and breezy places and if you decide to practice it outside, “Though the schedule will largely depend on the heat and humidity, it is suggested that it be done before ten o’clock in the morning.” Or be it after six in the afternoon”, recommends sports physician Alejandro Garcia (MN 106404). Days with high temperatures raise the question of whether it is convenient to maintain an activity practiced throughout the year or if it is better to change it to another more suitable for summer. Experts do not believe the change is necessary “but we must appeal to individual discretion in trying to reduce the intensity or timing if the weather is too adverse,” he warned.

Days With High Temperatures Raise The Question Of Whether It Is Convenient To Maintain An Activity Practiced Throughout The Year Or If It Is Better To Change It To Another More Suitable For Summer.
Days with high temperatures raise the question of whether it is convenient to maintain an activity practiced throughout the year or if it is better to change it to another more suitable for summer.shutterstock – shutterstock

In addition, the expert emphasizes The importance of rest, essential for a good recovery. For this, in addition to respecting the hours of rest, “avoid situations that can affect you, such as the consumption of alcohol the night before,” he highlights. from now one proper nutrition and hydration They are vital to withstand any sport or physical exercise. At this point, García recalls that to stay hydrated in summer, drinking water is very important, but it is not the only tool available. “Food is essential to keep us healthy, strong and hydrated. Let’s not forget that foods like fruits and vegetables not only provide us with protein, fiber and energy, but also provide us with all the essential vitamins and minerals and give us also provide hydration”, he explained.

in relation to risk groups, as in everything The population is more vulnerable to extreme heat and cold. “They are elderly and children and because they do not have a mature hypothalamic center that regulates heat. Therefore, they sweat inappropriately, slowly or with hydroelectrolytic concentrates that deplete sodium and other important minerals”, Iglesias explains. For this reason, it is recommended to dry sweat only from the face and forehead during training. Sweat on the skin, to the extent that it evaporates, allows more heat to be removed. Diego Iglesias advises, “If you’re drying it permanently, avoid this sweating process, which is so important for heat loss.”

The Populations Most Vulnerable To Cold And Extreme Heat Are The Elderly And Children, As The Hypothalamic Center That Regulates Heat Is Not Mature.
The populations most vulnerable to cold and extreme heat are the elderly and children, as the hypothalamic center that regulates heat is not mature.Nicolas Hansen – E+

On the other hand, Alejandro Garcia warns In hot weather there are people who believe that sweating has something to do with fat loss and to reduce it they go jogging or do aerobic sports in the sun. Very warm or wrapped in nylon, cellophane or towels, confident they’ll make it. “It is important to clarify that sweating is not fat that decreases or burns, as is commonly believed, but rather a mechanism to keep the body temperature down. It is therefore essential Avoid these types of dehydrating practices that can cause serious health problems; that they hydrate well during exercise, that they wear light and fresh clothing and that they avoid crowded hours”, the professional advises. And he adds that anyone who wants to lose body fat should focus on improving nutrition, “avoiding or reducing ultra-processed foods, pastries, soft drinks and alcohol.”

It'S Important To Heed The Body'S Warnings Before Exerting Yourself Too Much On A Hot Summer Day
It’s important to heed the body’s warnings before exerting yourself too much on a hot summer dayshutterstock – shutterstock

“The recommendations for physical activity in the summer are the same as for caring for your skin: Respect the recommended schedules; Wear light and comfortable clothes; Don’t forget the hat; Drink the required amount of fresh water – if one is going to walk for half an hour to forty-five minutes, half a liter is sufficient and sufficient, if one is going to do two or three hours of physical activity, one probably needs two to two liters And the medium of water—as well as, wetting your head and hat. it is recommended that If you can’t do physical activity outside of time restrictions because of the heat, do it indoors, at a gym, or a club that’s cooler. The ideal temperature for physical activity is 22 degrees. Between 20 and 24° a person can feel the necessary comfort to do physical activity in peace”, lists Diego Iglesias.

is equally important Be mindful of the body’s warnings about excessive exertion during hot summer days. “For heat stroke Pay attention to headache, neck pain, nausea and feeling confused or dizzy, They will be the first symptoms that generate heat stroke ”, warns Alejandro García. Faced with this situation, stop physical activity, move the person to a cool and shady place, cool his clothes, body and head by wetting, give him cool water to drink and seek professional help.

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