The last decision made by Juan Ortega

The last decision made by Juan Ortega after leaving his girlfriend Carmen Otte at their wedding

The twists and turns in the story of Juan Ortega and Carmen Otte do not stop happening. Just when we thought everything was said and done, it turns out that new information appears to distort everything that happened on the day of their ill-fated wedding celebration. If at first we thought that Ortega told his trusted priest about the suspicions about his marriage, now the parish priest himself has assured us that the conversation never happened. The decision not to get married minutes after saying ‘yes, I want to’ is entirely Ortega’s. This is assured by the priest and also by the couple.

Since then, the right-hand man has found refuge in his parents’ house. Not so Carmen Otte, who, as published, may be outside of Spain on her honeymoon trip. It was mentioned shortly after the cancellation that the doctor’s friends advised him to leave, put some distance between him, and reflect on everything that happened. And that seems to be said and done. The bullfighter and the cardiologist did not maintain communication, and it seems to continue. Ortega has a new plan after rejecting the commitment. What is this movement that the bullfighter can do?

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The last turn of Juan Ortega and his girlfriend, Carmen Otte

All the sources consulted assure the same thing: Juan Ortega’s love for Carmen Otte remains undying. The doubts raised by the bullfighter are only about marriage, not about romance. It’s hard to assimilate because the couple looks like they’re having fun. Ortega first talked to Carmen to confess his fear of the decision to get married. Apparently, after his last trip to America, he would have tried to stop preparing, but, in the end, he would have chosen to continue until the last moment. When he saw that there was still half an hour left, he couldn’t take it anymore.

Now, according to the portal ‘Jaleos’, Ortega has in mind to regain the trust of his partner and continue the relationship. The bullfighter still loves her and wants everything to go back to how it was. To do this, he should have decided to wait a while for the water to calm down before making contact. Therefore, communication between the two has not yet taken place. Ortega patiently waited for the weather to do its job. Meanwhile, he uses his surroundings to let his partner know how he feels and his intentions.

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Carmen Otte has no comment on this matter. Only his inner circle broke the silence to witness the pain he endured. Everyone will suffer after what happened. No one imagined that the impact of canceling the wedding would be this big. Of course, what has not been confirmed is whether or not family pressure is the reason for Ortega’s withdrawal. It was rumored in the first moments.

Juan Ortega and Carmen Otte, separated by thousands of kilometers

The location of the couple cannot be different. Journalist Kike Calleja claims that the doctor may be in Argentina now. Ortega was about to leave the ceremony when he made up his mind that he would never see his girlfriend again. She would have packed her bags while her future husband was staying at his parents’ house. The bullfighter, of course, covers all incidental expenses immediately. Apparently, he sold one of his capes to raise the required amount.

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The wedding will be a celebration in style. Five hundred guests waited at the church doors to see the bride and groom say, ‘I do’. A lot of junk is worth between 70,000 and 90,000 euros. The amount that the bullfighter could have run. Juan Ortega doesn’t want to create more headaches than he already has and is waiting for everything to be resolved. Will we see him attending any bullfights soon? Without a doubt, his name is still on everyone’s lips.