Thursday, February 2, 2023

the last one turned off the light

The time travel theory with which a woman presented the same content of her thesis another year ago is easily destroyed. A few more trips down the rabbit hole of time would be enough for him to break through in the near future, putting some data into which, an artificial intelligence program would be able to conduct a complete and totally unprecedented investigation.

Which is to say that her quantum leap would have been more believable if instead of assuring that someone travels to the past to hack her work, she had said that she teleports into the future and uses that software. , which is still in beta versions. It’s the same, clichéd argument of time travel deniers who wonder why there are no tourists from the future with a ready-made answer.

However, the changes that may occur in artificial intelligence may be just as revolutionary as time travel itself; The former are almost a reality, while the latter are just science fiction stuff and excuses to justify academic plagiarism. We are on the eve of a sea change for humanity.

Our first contact with artificial intelligence leads to the development of programs capable of playing chess. We saw, in a short course that now seems like the blink of an eye, how a series of algorithms were giving checks to the great teachers of the time. There is no human today that could beat one of those programs.

This technique was tested in chess but intended to be used in other fields. Some seers began to warn about these advances, while others justified them. In a small circle, two parties were formed, with different views on the relevance of artificial intelligence walking through the swampy and unknown terrain. Stop whining and learn to love artificial intelligence, they explain.

And so, playing God, machine intelligence is only a few years away from becoming an everyday commodity; The wheel of this stone age is about to turn. Another wink to the awe that prehistoric Deep Blue sparked when it beat Garry Kasparov late last year – an application that, with artificial intelligence, generates artistic images of any person, bursts into everyday life .

To generate its content, the software requested only a few images with certain characteristics of the subject, so that in a matter of minutes it could issue a smattering of great files. We take it as an anecdote, as simple entertainment. Hundreds of public figures, especially politicians, began sharing the machines’ artistic breath on social networks.

What we didn’t realize was that this technique used in this specific area condemned a field of plastic artists to extinction. The machines proved to be faster, cheaper and smarter, as even the ugly and the ugly came out beautiful and graceful in the resulting deck. If there are already few people who buy art or request pictures, there will be even fewer of them with the implementation of artificial intelligence; Freaks, like those who still read the paper. Men and women of ink, condemned to be Neanderthals of this era.

The same company that developed that incubator of artificial intelligence has other, even more amazing applications. And one of them is related to my business, that of putting words together. One of these programs is already capable of producing journalistic articles, even the subjective style of an editorial or opinion column. One machine, which they are finalizing, is already capable of translating reality and providing us with logic. In the Mexican version, the choices may also include the choice of being for or against the government: tone. Real of requests fifi,

This type of artificial intelligence is equally applicable in automated chats and in the preparation of other written expressions, such as scientific articles, letters and thesis. Yes: in a few years, a mediocre student with enough resources will be able to pay for the preparation of an entirely new degree project without the remorse of hiring a black guy who will run him down the drain. Gets you in trouble. Supreme court.

That’s why these lines that you read – these that I write – can become the last breath of an era. As has happened in other battlefields, the machines will prove to be faster, cheaper and smarter; The last one is left to turn off the lights.

And so, in the dark, we will leave to other hands – invisible, non-existent hands – the joy of discovery and the joy of creation; The whirlwind of progress and the learning of error. All new knowledge will be generated by a set of bits and bytes, leaving us in a quagmire of laziness. It will be the machines that create and discover: the ones that determine the present and design the future.

A driver lost in the overwhelming logic of signage in the center of Mérida, immersed without Waze or Google Maps, will in a few years be able to completely disconnect and hand over all his decisions to the coolness of the machines. It’s not that artificial intelligence is going to destroy humanity, as Hollywood likes to portray. skynet, They’re just going to turn our brains into an obsolete article. With the birth of artificial intelligence comes the birth of true stupidity

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