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The last two chimpanzees from the Buenos Aires Ecopark will be relocated to a sanctuary in Great Britain

kangoo and sasha, The last two chimpanzees at the Buenos Aires EcoparkThey already have a destination. After the death of Martin, the oldest of the three, who was unable to travel due to his age and weak heart, the other two would be transferred to a sanctuary in England before the end of the year. Sasha is female and 24 years old; Their son Kangu is 14 years old.

Martin, 51, who had come from the Katini Zoo in Lujan, could not be relocated due to his health problems and his advanced age. Today, however, change begins: Mother and son will occupy a much larger place than they are today. They will also be in the company of other chimpanzees – something essential to them that cannot breed.

It is that chimpanzees—like humans—do not accept one’s company and may even allow themselves to die if a family member is lost. This was the reason why Ecopark waited until Martin’s death to move his son and his companion Sasha.

Argentina has the first case of habeas corpus for a primate in the world, after Sandra, the orangutan of the current Ecopark, was declared a non-human individual and thanks to it can be transferred to a sanctuary.

The Association of Officials and Lawyers for Animal Rights (AFADA) had filed an unsuccessful habeas corpus action before the Justice for Justice to Rule. Favor three chimpanzees, and thus be able to relocate them to a sanctuary in Brazil, where Cecilia, another chimpanzee from Mendoza Ecopark, already has.

Sasha Is Kangoo'S Mother.
Sasha is Kangoo’s mother.hernan zenteno

The matter reached the city’s Superior Court of Justice, which held that the animals were “non-human person” And they have rights, but not the same rights as human beings.

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The truth is that today, after a long time of preparation, Sasha and Kangoo are considered the best rescue center for primates: Monkey World in Dorset County, established in 1987 and where more than 200 monkeys travel to are ready to do. 20 species. Today there are 54 chimpanzees that form separate families and each of these families occupies a territory. They were rescued from Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Greece, France, England, Austria, Holland, Israel, Cyprus and Lebanon. several of Experiment laboratories, circuses, private homes or those that were pets. Each of them was born in Africa and was separated from their parents to be sold in different countries illegally.

A sanctuary is a place designed for all animals that were once stolen from their habitat and who will never be able to live in it again because they no longer know, and will not survive. Only a few of them can be re-educated and reintroduced into nature.

Zoos were created in the 1800s and today the awareness of them has changed and there is a growing disapproval of us seeing an animal behind bars for the sole purpose of entertainment.

While awaiting their transfer, Sasha and Kangoo are groomed by trained caregivers and veterinarians to facilitate testing and access to the boxes that transport them. They are not forced to do anything and choose whether to interact with their keepers and veterinarians. They are trained to take X-rays, give injections, listen to them, examine their teeth or file their nails.

A chimpanzee has the strength of eight men. Sasha and Kangoo have known nothing more than their place in the Buenos Aires Ecopark, air-conditioned with hot and cold air, logs, ropes and hoses to hang from, cardboard, straws and fabric to build their nests. When it’s warm out, they have hammocks and a pool to hang out with.

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After eating, Sasha and Kangoo do activities like taking pictures, watching TV or listening to music,

And before bedtime, it is time for the meal, which is placed inside the bent pipe, so that they have to use the branches to get them out of there. All activities that entertain and excite them.

From EcoPark, he explained: “The proposed environment to house our chimpanzees is large, with a surface much larger than those currently sampled. There is also natural setting and abundant formations up to 10 meters high”.

And they believed that Sasha and Kangoo would be able to socialize with other animals of the same species.

Felipe Miguel, Chief of Staff for the City of Buenos Aires, said today: “It is an important milestone that two chimpanzees who grew up here will be relocated to such an iconic location in the coming weeks. They go into a natural ecosystem. which represents the work of Ecopark.

For his part, Ines Gorbia, Environment Secretary to the Government of Buenos Aires, also highlighted EcoPark’s transformation process and paradigm shift. “The boxes are from 2021. The chimpanzees are about to wake up during the journey; They are already in quarantine,” he explained.

“This is the last time we’ll see them,” he said at Ecopark. From now on they will go on a journey of a new life.

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