The Latest Class in the Lost Ark Is So Complicated It Gets Its Own Game

The Latest Class in the Lost Ark Is So Complicated It Gets Its Own Game

The Archnists arrived at the Lost Ark in July. It’s a wizard class with chance as the central gameplay mechanic. Therefore, he is considered one of the most complex and difficult characters to be played in MMORPGs. So hard that fans made up their game to better understand it.

What kind of game is this? Archnist is one of the newest and most difficult classes in the Lost Ark, but you can start your own game to practice them. That’s exactly what a user on Reddit installed himself and quickly created a browser-based mini-game that could help you play your arcnist better.

Fast Card Wizard relies on chance as the central game mechanic. You never know what cards you’ll make next and you’ll have to react accordingly. You can train in the browser game so that you are better prepared for each scenario.

There you select a card and then enter your combo. You won’t see whether the skill you entered was correct for that card until you’ve typed it all in. You can change your key assignments both in browser and on mobile, so that the skill is also correctly in your motor memory.

You can try the game yourself at

How does the game know what’s right? In the background, the web application accesses the entire collection of guides for Antiques. These guides are linked accordingly and you can read them at any time if you need help or want to prepare yourself.

Based on these guides, the game provides you with direct customization options thus helping you to learn the antiquity better.

The Latest Class in the Lost Ark Is So Complicated It Gets Its Own Game
Red is wrong, green is right, yellow offers customization possibilities

The Archnist is one of the toughest sections in the Lost Ark

Why do you need such equipment? The Archnist is considered one of the most difficult and most complex classes the Lost Ark has to offer. There is a randomness in all their class mechanics that needs to be understood and acted upon.

She draws a pool of a total of 13 different cards, all of which have different effects and thus affect your next moves and set them to a certain extent. You cannot see in advance or only to a limited extent which card will be the next. So you should always be ready to adapt.

It sounds hard, but it’s even harder: Now your class throws such a heavy mechanic at your feet, but not only that. An arcnist is expected to do a lot of damage while keeping an eye on the masters.

So in real combat, you don’t even have a chance to look at your skills and think about what to do next. This is where each combo of 13 possible cards should be, and that’s where the tool will help you.

We’ve also prepared a detailed guide for you on how to play Heavy Class the right way.

You can see the arcnist in the trailer:

Lost Ark: Arkanistin Im Trailer

“it so good”

How is the community reacting? The creator of the tool shared his browser game on reddit and quickly gained a lot of attention for it. The post was able to garner 300 upvotes and over 40 comments in a matter of hours.

Apart from a few bug reports out there, the developer gets a lot of positive feedback. People are happy they can practice outside Lost Ark now and just think it’s cool that a fan puts so much work into it.

Feedback on the equipment and user work is consistently positive and encourages manufacturers to build more tools like this one or work on real games.

What are the fans saying? At this point we would like to give you some comments so that you can get an idea of ​​the mood for yourself. They all come from the reddit thread where the inventor presents his device.

  • Shadorov writes: “Dear sir, you are insane. The whole site is crazy. You deserve so much for this!”
  • Xardas says: “The tool is simply amazing”
  • Sairdinosaurus writes: “It’s great”
  • WustTheShaman writes, “Thanks for doing that. It’s really great”

What do you think about the mini game? Do you have an antiquity and use the tool to learn in the future? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

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