The latest invention of DGT that you can already find in some streets

the latest invention of DGT that you can already find in some streets

Road safety is one of the issues that the administrations are most concerned about, because roads are one of the main causes of accidents in our country. For this reason, we work tirelessly to create new rules and regulations and to implement new systems that, together, manage to reduce as much as possible the number of people who die or are seriously injured every year. due to a traffic accident. circulation.

In recent years we have seen a significant reduction in the number of deaths, to the point of making Spain one of the references in terms of road safety at the European level. However, as is reasonable to assume, there is still much work to be done. In this way, in the future we will see many measures aimed at achieving a reduction in the number of deaths.

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One of the factors that is most important and most involved when talking about road safety is the perspective of the person driving. If a driver notices that he is traveling on a dangerous road, he will naturally reduce his driving speed. For this reason, it is more common to find lines and shapes painted on the road in a way that resembles a narrow or even a roadblock.

These are the yellow teeth that you can already find on some roads

The latest creation that we can find on some roads, especially in urban areas, are the popularly called “yellow teeth”, a type of triangles that can be found on different roads that limit of the lanes, painted in an interior orientation, which makes them appear, the lane appears narrower than it really is. In that step, which can already be seen around some schools, its goal is to quickly and effectively reduce the speed of vehicles passing by.

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With the aim of relieving traffic in more sensitive areas, it should be clear that the presence of this type of signs and road markings does not mean a reduction of the speed limit, that of the singles -lane city roads are limited to 30 km. /h and, if there are school zones in the neighborhood, it can be reduced to 20 km/h.