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The alleged invasion of the United States is being carried out by the people who have the lowest, the weakest, the people who don’t speak English, the people who don’t know everything about the country they want to reach, such fear of It seems as if they are the same. The most powerful, the best armed, some of the most adept strategists. This group is actually made up of men, women, children, and even older adults, but they fear governors and the federal government itself, whose powers are based in Washington.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said last Sunday at Eagle Pass Municipal Park… “As we speak right now, the Texas National Guard is conducting operations to expand these reinforcement operations,” but in reality The backdrop, while this partisan battle is developing, is the presidential election.

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The alleged invaders, in addition to strengthening the presence of qualified personnel in the area of ​​the range, elements of the National Guard, border patrol, migration elements and first generation technical actions and intelligence, tactics, use of high quality weapons, among many other areas between. The same Texas government, in addition to expanding metal barriers, uses buoys with blades, drones, heat chambers, laser beams, unmanned aircraft and even trained dogs.

To achieve their objective, these alleged invaders have a backpack in which, in addition to a change of clothes, they carry some precious memories, hope, a desire to reach a place away from violence, suffering. At the time of death, where they aspire for a better standard of living.

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The magnitude of the fear can be understood in the words of Republican Abbott, who was concerned about apportioning blame… “Instead of stopping illegal immigrants, Biden has let them all loose, their whereabouts precisely determined.” And that’s because we have seen the disastrous consequences of an open border policy.

The governor did not give the Biden administration immunity over recorded illegal border crossings, which he described as an “invasion”, alleging that the state has the right to self-defense because the President and the current administration have not fulfilled their duty to ensure That “Instead of stopping illegal immigrants, Biden has let them all loose, without the ability to accurately determine their whereabouts, and we have seen the devastating consequences of an open border policy.”

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Abbott appealed for regionalism…”A state must defend itself and its citizens against the imminent threat we face from the invasion of millions of people coming to our country from all over the world and living in unknown places. Could”.


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