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The least known (and most sensitive) facts about the horse cloning process

In 2010, the first clone successfully received from argentine mare The polo shirt was sold at auction for $800,000. Thirteen years later, two weeks ago, that mare died Dolphina Quartetera The best and undisputed in the history of that sport.

Who was Cuartetera who is considered the best polo player of all time, Adolfo Cambiasso and died at the age of 22 on his farm, leaving more twenty clones Inherited. Half of them are still played by Cambiasso today.

They warn that pediatric hospitals are “overdemanded” by patients with respiratory symptoms.

Gratitude to the polo player and his family in a network broadcast through all portals. Cambiasso has come to play seven clones of the famous mare in a single match, something that makes him unbeatable when it comes to riding well. when they play Clones are named with numbers: clone 06, clone 08, and so on. He has no name; They are clones, an extension of the legendary Mare.

loss Play and associations horse breeders accept that cloning They are not less in the world. Other than this polo in subjects like hop Cloning is accepted, while in the Association of Arabian Horse Breeders – with which competitions are held Endurance Process is also allowed. samples were also cloned riding While it is prohibited in racehorses.

But cloning also has its Opponents Not to mention those within the polo environment, as well as breeders of horses of other breeds, who are dedicated to protecting the animals.

Adolfo Cambiasso in Quartetera’s Clone 01

Because On the one hand, “cloning industrially increases the offspring compared to the younger offspring. I was in favor of not allowing cloning”, says one of the most prestigious breeders of polo horses, who prefers to remain anonymous, as several sources were consulted for this note. “now it’s stop And we have to adapt to what we have”, he confirms.

On the other hand, one of the least known facts about the process is that in order to clone a horse, you need fresh egg which, in most cases, are derived from horse fridge, “Initially, we went to the refrigerator and waited for slaughter to take the ovaries in a common termite, where we kept them refrigerated. And from there straight to the lab. The faster you did it, the better, so we waited, so that they would stay fresh, ”recalls a veterinarian, who also requested that his name be kept in reserve. They were received free of charge in refrigerators, because their business was meat, which in its entirety is exported in

Role of refrigerator

Argentines don’t eat horse meat, but a great deal of it abandoned horses All items go into the refrigerator when they are defective or no longer useful. horses faenados In refrigerators they add up to about 100,000 per year. Today’s refrigerator They also sell meat, horsehair, leather and eggs, which has become another business for them.

In fact, cloning requires many eggs. At first, more than twenty were needed to obtain one clone. “As technology becomes more efficient, fewer eggs are needed, and therefore fewer dead mare”, explains another veterinarian experienced in cloning who worked for a few years in one of the three laboratories operating in Argentina.

“ova can be obtained from a live mare, but it is a much less efficient method, and consequently more expensive. He says it is of little use. This technique is performed after hormonally stimulating the follicles of a living mare, as is done with females undergoing in vitro fertilization. But the mare doesn’t respond very well to hormonal stimulation, as it does in other species.

how is Technique To clone a horse in Argentina? “First you get mare or horse cells that you want to clone”, explaining to the vet in detail that she does it in a simple way to make it easier to understand the process, which varies and is perfected from day to day. “Some animals Practitioners obtain fat cells and others take them from the marrow of a donor (mare or horse). This is done through a superficial and simple biopsy that does not disturb the animal, it is almost like an injection. These cells are put into culture. One hundred are removed to get the millions to form the cell line. They are then frozen and left in stock. That is a part”, he describes.

Impersonation in racehorses prohibited

In racehorses, impersonation is prohibited – Credit: @Prensa Maroñas

“The second part is more complicated. You need the ovaries get eggs or oocytes, and these are obtained in horse refrigerators. Once in the laboratory, the follicular fluid is extracted from the oocytes using a syringe. A treatment is done and then the oocytes are placed in an incubator”, he continues.

Once mature, in five to seven days, and after a few processes, the eggs are ready to be fertilized. “The oocyte came with its genetic information in the nucleus. What is done in practice, simply explained, is to incorporate d n of the mare or stallion you want to clone into that oocyte, once at nucleus zero (without the original genetic information). Then it gets the information from the cells that were extracted from the animal to be cloned. Through chemical processes, it will cease to be an oocyte to become an embryo with information Cuartetera, Lapa or Little Pearson Just to mention some of the best clone mares”, he explains.

“For about six to eight days it’ll be in an incubator, and then that embryo will be transferred get a mare Who is there to signal so that the good mare, who serves and who is playing, does not have to disrupt the polo season. In this way, the clone one would like could be produced from a very good mare or horse, without prejudice to them or their rider,” he concluded.

when consulted by one of the three cloning laboratories Which is present in our country, the person in charge of the commercial part, who also requested that his identity be kept anonymous, confirms: “Yes, it is true, on the one hand, Discord is used. We do it, it’s a choice of technology. Argentina has the advantage of being the largest meat exporter. Animals are not killed for cloning. Nor will they give numbers to kill animals just to clone them. They are slaughtered for meat, and sacrificed for cloning.

“The incredible thing about this – he continues – is that you bring a dead mare back to life. It is a powerful tool for the breeder. Also, thanks to cloning, there is less culling of horses: because The more genetic information there is, the less likely to be removed and this improves the breeding average. And he gives the example: “First, to tell you, you raised ten horses and released three. Now sometimes you don’t refuse anyone. chances of getting out polo horses The service they do is great. Before, you had to wait for the mare or stallion to stop competing, and with luck you would get one foal a year. Then the embryo transfer started with the recipients and you had four pups per year. With cloning you can do many things at the same time”.


The first cloned horse in Argentina was a Criollo, which still grazes on a ranch, but that breed was never cloned again. consulted by Nation Louis Etchebehere, President of Criollo Horse Breeders Association said: “Cloning is a breeder’s tool. Cloning genetically replicates an animal. I like to sound off with formula, alchemy, and always something better. Polo players who earn a living from their profession are well Interested in polo playing horses. Our heart goes through more”.

Whereas, Santiago Ballester, president of Argentine Association of Breeders of Polo Horses replied: “The Federation promotes and encourages artificial insemination, embryo transfer and any other technique which leads to obtaining an improved polo horse, which is selected for merit, where cloning is involved This past month, Cambiasso’s symbolic mare, Dolphina Cuartetera, with whom he formed most famous couple in history By poll she is undoubtedly the mare who truly represents the founding spirit of our association, was voted first into the Hall of Fame, and may continued by its clone With prizes in several tournaments successfully presented”. Contacted, Adolfo Cambiasso preferred not to comment.

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