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The letter that Osvaldo Friger wrote to God: “I want to become an actor with the greatest effort.”

It’s not a secret Osvaldo Friger The seventh art is passionate about quantity painthe theatrethe music and race car. This approach to talent and the undoubted characteristic of cagüeño, led him to place himself as one of the most versatile and curious artists of all these times.

For the 35-year-old is a multi-tasking artist, neither in dissociated arts, nor with a single tooth. In conversation with A new daywho began his career at the age of 16, affirmed that God only answered his request.


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This was not easy in his career. Previously, a student of the famous Cuban filmmaker Pastor Vega; He was faced with despair and closed doors. He also knew very well that he was born to receive entertainment beyond 100×35.

“When I was 18 years old, I wrote a letter dedicated to God. And I said to him: Father God, allow me, and I made him a list. I haven’t opened the letter yet, and I didn’t want to at the time, but among the things I remember asking myself, I would become the actor who worked the hardest. Now I think I’m the only Puerto Rican player who has had a team membrane cumshots on film, a series in Disneyseries in Netflix and at the same time the interpreter, who was trained for the theatre, interpreted four additional works Puerto Rico JC Club Drama Studio and Teatro Promoter Miami.

Interview with this medium for a short time, Friger to look back and remember how much he has grown and matured. In retrospect, he revealed that his first encounter with art had been through painting for three years.

Also the owner of the firm was laughing Frigerus Bros The results revealed that he is looking for opportunities and exposure. Although he admitted the importance of public life and fans in any exponent, he also approved that recognition and praise should never be the end of an artist.

“I was about 15 years old, when I started to look for the first institute and took theater and acting classes, I was in a school talent show and I saw a group of girls shouting at the little one I was singing. And I looked and I said: why don’t they shout at me like that? to be completed, one of the girls who cried my platonic love “he said.

It is no secret that Osvaldo Friger is passionate about the seventh art, such as painting, theater, music and car racing. (David Villafane/Staff) For the 35-year-old multi-tasking artist, his success isn’t down to the skills that set him apart, nor is it a hoax. (David Villafane/Staff) His first foray into art was through painting when he was three years old. (David Villafane/Staff) In 2010, Friger directed his first feature film with veteran actor Jaime Ruiz Escobar. (David Villafane/Staff) Today Boricua’s filmography exceeds 15 titles. Among them are “Amnesia”, “Marcelo” and “Gina Yei”. (David Villafane/Staff) One of the most recent productions was “Barrote Films”, which opened in theaters on the island in early March. (David Villafane/Staff) When Kevin Darnell Hart and Dwayne Douglas Johnson envision their future together in a major Hollywood production, the mind begins to create the story of Puerto Rican superheroes who could finally take over the screen. (David Villafane/Staff)

But his mother, in order to avoid pain, did not miss a moment to advise him to direct his life to other professions. The family’s finances and her nationality were the two main concerns of the mother of three children.

After developing the best institutions dedicated to the industry USA y* Mexicoin 2008, a member of Sancocho Music He returned to Puerto Rico to complete his bachelor’s degree in Communications Turabo University. What then, he says, is pure glory?

In 2010, Friger directed his first film with veteran actor Jaime Ruiz Escobar. Without proceeding to make his dream come true, the opportunity arose to bring to the homes of the island with the program “Filio del Caribe”, which he organized and animated with a salsa singer. Andy Montanez. This experience brought him back to Miami where he worked as a director and production coordinator for CTV24.

Making multiple plans between the arts and theology televised, who is known for ending his videos and presentations with the phrase “what?!”, cannot pick a favorite. The model also noted that each one contains its own magic and fulfills it in various ways.

“I believe a lot in the dance and artistic renaissance of man, and if men – without diminishing. Leonardo da Vinci– They had more than one capacity, why don’t we, having more tools than them, do it? I am therefore faithful to that which you have to create, you have to explore, you have to create, you have to imagine and, where there is something magical for everyone, it must come out”; he reported

In this line, in 2014, Friger focused his passion for automotive topics with knowledge on his screen through his role as director and animator of the space “Mech Tech Racing”, which was passed on. wapa television Wednesday nights.

Today, Puerto Rican filmography exceeds 15 titles. Among them are “Amnesia”, “Marcelo” and “Gina Yei”. And one that stood out in his career was the first part of “Los domirriqueños”, in 2015, starring Blas “Sien” Díaz, Stephany Liriano and Fausto Mata.

For this production Friger composed the official song “Mofongo y mangú”. As if Papa Dios had sent her. I put the song and the main moment, where the two kiss in the movie, he recalled the kiss of the song in the song.

While continuing to develop these brands -Gloss Revolution automobiles, Dead Dog Crew and Synergy Factory Detailing Shop

One of the reasons he claims to have been able to include his first-born son in the movie “Los Mecánicos”.

“When I conceived the film it was in 2012 and it is not until 2013 that it comes out. I attribute two things: one, I wanted to find the director of the film, and I found Julio Román; two, I needed a little one to play me, nine years old, and my son He was my toddler at the time, and he plays with me. He is not easily inclined and I thank God, not that I don’t want him, but because I think it is the most difficult and difficult industry, and not everyone necessarily has the tenacity to compete for him. But he is an athlete of three pairs, “he clarified pride

Another production to which he referred was “Barrote Films”, which was shown this week in theaters in the islands. A prophetic film production to show how God can transform someone’s life through faith and skills.

Comedy, also directed by Romano, with the participation of Robert Amaya (“Comfortable”, “War Room”), Juan de Montreal, Joann Polanco, Jaime Colón, Scottie Durán, Jorge Antares, Gaby Alicea, Indiomar, Keropi Sánchez, José Manuel, Leonardo Castro , Amanda Rodríguez, Coralis Mena, Jennifer Vázquez, Pedro “Quique” Puig and Friger. He also became a true partner of the inmate.

Meanwhile, the actor perceives the opportunity to reach a younger audience through the series “Gina Yei”, a Puerto Rican artist of the stars. Didi Romero. But he wants not to end the list of long-time dreamers.

While predicting the future as Kevin Darnell Hart’s co-star and Dwayne Douglas Johnson in large production Hollywoodhis mind begins to create a story about some Puerto Rican superheroes that could take him somewhere.

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