The Loop: Sydney gang shooting ‘retribution’, reaction to super first-home buyer scheme, and gruelling win for Aussie cyclist

Good morning, it’s Monday, May 16. Here’s what you need to get going today.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • NSW police announced another new taskforce to investigate a recent spat of deadly shootings in Sydney after Saturday saw the third fatal gang-related shooting in the city in three weeks
  • Detectives are examining several possible theories from Saturday’s attack, including whether the latest victim was targeted for planning a revenge attackthe ABC understands
  • Rami Iskander was fatally shot outside his Belmore home, in Sydney’s south-west, on saturday morning, His uncle was underworld figure Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmadwho was gunned down in Greenacre last month
a composite image of one young man and another man
Rami Iskanker (left), who was fatally shot on Saturday, is the nephew of slain underworld crime figure, Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad.
  • Another theory is whether Mr Iskander was involved in the shooting of senior Comanchero bikie Tarek Zahed41, and younger brother Omar at an Auburn gym last Tuesday
  • NSW Police Minister Paul Toole describes the latest shooting as an “insidious crime”vowing to crackdown on gang violence:
  • Shadow Police Minister Walt Secord has accused the state government of failing in its fight against organized crime, saying: “If this was happening in Sydney’s east or the north shore arrests would have been made a long time ago.”

Miss this yesterday? There’s been a *bit* of reaction to the Coalition’s promise for first-home buyers. Here’s what we know:

  • First home buyers would be able to use up to 40 per cent of their superup to $50,000to put towards buying a home
  • But there have been plenty of critics, including economists like Saul Eslake who said it will only push house prices up and do nothing to address the root causes of housing affordability:
  • But Housing Minister Michael Sukkar said he did not expect the policy to have a material impact on house prices:
  • And former PM Paul Keating had this to add, saying it was “another frontal assault” on superannuation:


News while you snoozed

Let’s get you up to speed.

  • The parents of the teenager accused of shooting and killing 10 people at a Buffalo Supermarketin New York state, has been interviewed by authorities and search warrants have been issued. Payton Gendron18, will be prosecuted for hate crimes – he live-streamed the attack in a predominantly black neighborhood from a helmet camera before surrendering to authorities
Two armed police stand outside a US supermarket surrounded by police tape
Police descended on the shopping center after the attack.,Derek Gee: The Buffalo News via Associated Press,
  • Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted her government’s decision to join NATO, Finland also declared it wanted to join the military pact. Sweden’s parliament will discuss the move on Mondaylocal time
Sweden's Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson speaks from a podium in front of a red backdrop.
Magdalena Andersson says Sweden must decide if its military non-alignment is still serving it well., Associated Press: Fredrik Person,
  • The number of people dying with COVID in Victoria is increasing, alongside the number of those being hospitalised. Deakin University Chair of Epidemiology Catherine Bennett says the rolling average of daily deaths has increased from 11 to about 14 in the last week — and it’s down to a combination of cooler weather and new variants

The news Australia is searching for

  • West Coast Eagles: Bad news for footy fans in the West — Melbourne thrashed the Eagles by a huge 74 points, 16.16 (112) to 5.8 (38) on Sunday. It didn’t end there over the weekend, with the Gold Coast Suns taking out an upset 36-point win over Fremantle, 10.9 (69) to 4.9 (33). Ouch.
  • Giro d’Italia: Australian cyclist Jai Hindley has won stage nine of the Italian race, beating riders for a mountain-top finish on the fearsome Blockhaus, Check it out:


One more thing: Tonga’s volcano eruption biggest ever

January’s massive volcanic event is now the biggest explosion recorded in the atmosphere by modern instruments.

That makes it bigger than the devastating Krakatoa eruption (that killed thousands in 1883), as well as atom bomb tests.

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.
The eruption sent enormous plumes of smoke and ash high into the atmosphere.

The eruption of the underwater volcano resulted in significant damage to the Tongan archipelago in the Pacific, although the low death toll — three people — was credited to the nation’s extensive natural disaster preparations.

The assessment has been made in a pair of scholarly papers that have reviewed all the data.

That’s it for now

We’ll be back later on with more.



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