The love story of Chiquito Romero and Aliana Guercio, amid an age difference and a fleeting marriage

The love story of Chiquito Romero and Aliana Guercio, amid an age difference and a fleeting marriage

When eliana guersio and Chiquito Romero they started their love story some bets on the couple, He was starting his career in Europe and he was in Argentina at the time of great exposure and work. The archer had turned 21 and she was 31.

However, the initial crush united them for a lifetime. today, Aliana, 44, and Chiquito, 35, started a family and are parents to four children.,

The love story between Chiquito Romero and Aliana

Chiquito Romero and Aliana Guercio meet A. happened in Comodoro Rivadavia Bowling AlleyWhere she went to make an appearance in 2008. He already stood out as a goalkeeper in under-20 team, After going through racing, he got a contract with K AZ Alkmaar Netherlands, she was model and star, He was part of the cast of Gerardo Sofovich and participated in the reality show: dance You skating for a dream,

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Chiquito Romero And Aliana Guercio Have Four Children (Photo: Sergio Romero / Instagram).
Chiquito Romero and Aliana Guercio have four children (Photo: Sergio Romero / Instagram).

Model resigns from drama after two months of relationship party on the lake and went to live with the player. They had not completed a year of dating and were married in the civil registry of Lanes. After saying yes, the actress said, “It is the birth of my family, which is more important than my professional career.”

they went to live in Europe and they had to go various places Reasons for Chiquito’s club changes: He was in the Netherlands, Italy, the Principality of Monaco, England and Venice as of his last experience.

Aliana and Chiquito have been together for over 10 years and They are parents to Luca Gale, Jasmine, 12, Chloe, 10, and Meghan, 3.,

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Chiquito Romero Having Fun With His Wife Aliana Guercio.  (Photo: Personal Instagram)
Chiquito Romero having fun with his wife Aliana Guercio. (Photo: Personal Instagram)

Before and after pictures of Aliana Guercio

Aliana’s look has evolved over the years: the haircuts and color and style of clothing were some of the changes made by the former Vedette. In addition, after her marriage, Eliana lowered the profile of photo productions and began to avoid daring jobs.

In 2007, Eliana Guercio Gained Immense Popularity After Participating In The Programs Of Marcelo Tinelli.  (Photo Credits/Paparazzi)
In 2007, Eliana Guercio gained immense popularity after participating in the programs of Marcelo Tinelli. (Photo Credits/Paparazzi)
One Of The Most Important Booties Was Eliana Guercio During The 2014 World Cup In Brazil, Where She Accompanied Her Husband During The World Cup.  (Photo: Afp)
One of the most important booties was Eliana Guercio during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where she accompanied her husband during the World Cup. (Photo: AFP)

Who is Eliana Guercio?

Eliana developed her career as a model and actress. He performed as a star in several plays, many of them produced by Gerardo Sofovich, such as champagne makes them mimosa, He also participated in television programs such as Don Mateo’s Barbershop reality shows like dance You skating for a dream,

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