The Lucid Air pits itself against the Tesla Model S with one key drawback

2023 Lucid Air Pure.  Frontal still image.

American company Lucid Motors has also bowed down to Tesla’s attacks and continuous reduction in the price of its vehicles. and for has drastically cut the price of its Lucid Air, an extravagant electric saloon that is still expensive despite now being offered at discounts of up to $12,400 (11,270 euros). Even more so in Europe.

And the huge discount is only for the United States, because in markets like Germany (it’s already on sale in other European countries), the Lucid Air’s rates remain the same. This means that in Germany the Access variant, named Pure, starts at 109,000 Euros.,

Up to $12,400 off the Lucid Air

2023 Lucid Air Pure.  Frontal Still Image.

The price of this Lucid Air Pure is very low in the United States, as this sensational electric saloon was priced at $87,400 (82,400 Euros). Yes, OK, This special edition now benefits from a $5,000 (4,545 euro) discount So anyone who wants to go to the other side of the ocean will now have to shell out $82,400 (74,890 euros).

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More important is the discount that the California company offers on the Touring and Grand Touring trim levels of its Lucid Air. and it’s the same In particular these reflect a discount of $12,400 (11,270 euros), Therefore, the Touring goes from $107,400 to 95,000 (97,610 to 86,340 euros), while the Grand Touring goes from $138,000 to 125,600 (125,420 to 114,150 euros).

They also offer a three year rental program.

2023 Lucid Air Pure.  Imagine Interiors.

It is also true that those who want to take advantage of these discounts from Lucid Motors will have to act fast, as the California company says that These discounts will be available for a limited time, However, he has not given any deadline.

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Another innovation offered by the company in the United States to all those who want a Lucid Air is the possibility to rent it for a period of 36 months. For this has launched an offer for this month of August that will allow you to pick up a Lucid Air Pure for $749 per month (680 Euros)., Leaping to Touring requires an outlay of $1,149 per month (1,045 euros), while Grand Touring requires a payment of $1,399 per month (1,270 euros).

Now the Lucid Air is cheaper than the Tesla Model S

2023 Lucid Air Pure.  Back Still Image.

This discount on Lucid Air prices comes days after the Californian company announced had manufactured 2,173 vehicles during the second quarter of the year, delivered 1,404 vehicles during the same period. This second quarter is very important for Lucid Motors, as it was the date it began shipping vehicles to markets such as Saudi Arabia, where it is building a new factory and from where a significant portion of its financing comes.

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Those price cuts now allow the Lucid Air to stand up more convincingly against the Tesla Model S. In fact, The Pure Edition is significantly cheaper than the Dual Motor, which costs $88,490 (80,425 euros) on the other side of the ocean., For your information, a Tesla Model S Plaid costs $108,490 (98,600 Euros) in the United States. unfortunately this doesn’t happen in spain Because here the Tesla Model S costs 107,490 and 132,490 euros, respectively.


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