The man accused of killing an agronomist in Candelaria has been sent to prison

The man accused of killing an agronomist in Candelaria has been sent to prison

The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating a homicide that occurred on December 19, 2022. This is the case of 28-year-old agronomist Sandra Zuluaga, who was found dead inside her car in the rural area of ​​Candelaria Valle.

The engineer, who works for a fertilizer company, had to prove the evolution of an agricultural product used in a sugarcane plant in a farm in the district of San Joaquín, in Candelaria, where he was cared for butler Roger. Rossbel Lennis, who was identified by the prosecution as possibly responsible for his death and was sent to prison in the last hours.

The director of the Cali Section of the Prosecutor’s Office, Sandra Eugenia González, explained that, according to the investigation, the butler of the farm, allegedly by deception, led him to another and isolated place, leaving him incommunicado.

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The man allegedly took advantage of the defenseless state of the professional to force her into humiliation, sexually abuse and strangle her. “Then, he loaded the lifeless corpse in the car he was riding in to leave him around another field,” explained the director of the Cali branch.

Authorities confirmed the crime scene was altered when, apparently, the subject set fire to one of the car’s seats in an attempt to remove fingerprints and other incriminating evidence.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that a prosecutor from the Collective Homicide Group of the Delegate for Territorial Security accused the arrested of the crimes of aggravated feminicide, aggravated violent access to the body and hiding and altering or destroying of material evidence.

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