The man lives on a cruise ship because it costs him as much as rent in Florida


Ryan Gutridge an Information Technology (IT) engineer from Florida, Live and work from a cruise ship 300 days a year an experience that It will cost you about the same as renting an apartment in Fort Lauderdale.

In the summer of 2021, Gutridge decided to board a cruise ship and test what his work would do remotely from a boat trip. “Everyone worked hard and since then I’ve been in one cruise almost every week,” except for some holidays, he said Business Insider.

The person works as a cloud solutions engineer for a cloud service provider, and started working from home in 2012. During coronavirus pandemic his team was able to continue doing remote work and access the necessary data from anywhere.

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“At that moment, Cruise lines have not announced when they will return or if they return. “I thought that if they came back, I would like to try my job on a short cruise,” he told the American publication. “That summer, in 2021, I booked two four-night trips to Freedom of the Seas de Royal Caribbean and I did both last September. ”

Gutridge says he sets a budget for each year. By 2023, the base rate funding for your cruise trips totals approximately $30,000.

“Last year, when I started looking at the numbers and evaluating how much I was paying for the base rate to be on a boat for 300 nights, I discovered that I was paying nearly neck and neck for rent and garbage service for an apartment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida“, he admitted Business Insider.

“I’ve been told I’m crazy trying to live full-time on a cruise ship,” she says, but acknowledges that working from home is lonely. “I don’t have kids or pets, so it’s easy to be an introvert, but cruising has helped me a lot and made me more social,” she said.

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His sailing habits allow for a healthy, stress-free life, Gutridge said. “From Monday to Friday, on the boat, I do the same routine that I do on land. “I work out, I eat healthy and go to the gym,” he said.

He usually stays on the ship, even on weekends, unless they arrive at a port he has never been to. “When we’re somewhere I enjoy, I use a day of my free time from work and enjoy the day outside of work,” he said.

As he often travels with Royal Caribbean, switched to their loyalty program and received benefits for it. “Thanks to the loyalty program, I spent less on cruises this year than last year, even though I’m still sailing,” he said.

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The professional technology his cruise budget for next year decreased due to inflation but he confessed that by 2025 he wants to get rid of his apartment, sell his car and buy a scooter.