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The Man Who Traded his Truck for a Microphone: The Story of Matias Valdez

matias valdez sastre He is 27 years old and has a humility that oozes out of him. He was born and raised in the Department of Florida and has been involved with music since childhood, integrating various musical groups with friends.

The young singer-songwriter became a great promise in the field of charanga and cumbia in Uruguay, so much so that in 2021 he debuted as a solo artist and has done many collaborations including with many famous artists.

However, his life was not always like this. According to him, he is “accustomed to work since he was young”, because if he has anything, it is the work culture that is well marked. “Passing work makes me stronger,” Matias said.

He was a tambaro, truck driver and machinist. He distributed diesel and till the last moment he worked on the railway tracks under construction.

It’s been nearly two years since Mattis traded the truck in for a microphone and day for night, but he misses his routine and greasing his hands. He is clear that his fame may be temporary, but he does everything to keep it as long as possible. And if it’s time to go back, it will make you happy, because you know the work will get you there. This is his story.

– Tell me about yourself.

-I am from Florida. not good. Let’s start again. I’m from Mendoza Grande, a city 20 kilometers from Florida. Now I live in the same city in Florida, but I’ve lived in the city of Mendoza my whole life. I have been living here for two-three years.

– You were always there, in the big city of Mendoza.

– Yes, born and raised in Mendoza. My grandparents have a field. He was a dairy farmer and spent his entire life there, which was 7 kilometers away from the city, in the countryside. We, along with my family, used to go every weekend. I’ve always liked horses and machines, apart from music, which I discovered late that I really enjoy. I came to know about it when I was growing up, when I was 11 or 12 years old.

-How did that come about?

– Well, I started playing guitar, I started listening to more music and my taste evolved, but I always looked at it from a distance… I spent time on it, but not enough. Was more attached to work.

-What did you do?

– I started working in Tambo, as a tractor driver. I spent four years there and then I moved into trucks. In trucks I was working in several companies dedicated to different commodities, I was delivering diesel from a service station, but the last job I did was laying new railway tracks. When we started with this music project I was still working on producing tracks, I was a truck driver and working as a machinist. Exactly the company I worked for, the owner, the boss had trucks and machines. So I covered both sides till I hit full force with the music. At that point I was already doing a few songs, but it was only on the fourth song, “Quadet”, that they got to know us better and the timing got complicated, with touches and that… and that’s when I started playing machines. truck to devote himself to it.

-What did your co-workers tell you?

There was always support from family and friends, but they told me I was crazy. Well, when I was working the streets, people stopped cars to ask me for pictures and I was all over the truck, dirty, muddy. Imagine how awkward it was for me, even more so for them. The cars would stop and I’d be up there and I’d think ‘What is this madman doing here?’ There are things that people don’t see. They see you out there singing and they think, I don’t know, that you have another life… You never imagine that you’re going to bump into her at three o’clock in the afternoon in a work truck like anybody else. . He is being a little romantic.

How did you deal with that change of work and life?

-Actually, I wanted to work on the trucks until the end of the year, but I couldn’t because the times got more and more complicated. The thing is, I love machines and trucks. To this day, if I have some time, I’ll visit an acquaintance, friend or former employer to relieve the urge for a while.

-And what did your family say to you?

– Well, you see that I like music. I studied art in high school and had a plan to become a music teacher, because I liked that part, but I didn’t like the study part. I liked machines and music, not studies. At that time, when I was studying, I also worked in Tambo, and when I went to trucks, it was clear to me that I was not going to play music teacher, because I liked machines more than going to study honestly. Back to… those are the paths one takes. It happens that, indeed, sometimes work weighs more than study. In my case, I’ve always had a habit of working since I was young. I always liked iron, machines and didn’t worry about anything else. Later, when all this happened, they called me the same as my co-workers, they called me crazy.

-And how are they now?

-And now we’ve got used to people getting emotional when they see me, it’s very rare for me too. We have been doing this for almost two years, practically for nothing, but the last holidays, for example, were completely different. We are always chosen with our parents, we did it all our life. They were very surprised that the places we visited had our songs and in return, they asked me for 20 pictures of each place we visited. He half-joked and told me ‘but we can’t go out with you’ (laughs). But yeah, it’s all getting used to this new reality that we have.

– What do you remember from your old life?

Routine I guess. I really like to wake up early and in this environment we wake up a lot in the night. I’m really missing getting up early and having a routine. I miss trucks and machines. I see a tractor parked on the roads and it makes me want to throw myself away for a while to get rid of the desire. I love it… If I have to go back tomorrow for whatever reason, because I am clear that these things are fashionable and it is up to one another people whether they keep up with the times or not, because we Do well and hope so, for me and for all the gurus out there as it not only changed my life but also the lives of all my friends who worked with me. They have possibilities they didn’t have before and we all do what we love. It is very pleasant, but we do not know what can happen tomorrow.
If it’s time to go back, I’ll go back with pleasure because I love the machines and hopefully, if I get the chance, I can come back better than ever, but you never know. One is aware of reality and works to make it last.

I think you are a great role model, especially for the youth who follow you…

– Well I’m going to tell you something weird that happens to us. Shortly after we started we bought a bus with the band, a bus that obviously isn’t new and something breaks every time we go out. A strap broke the other day, it was something simple we were able to fix at the time. I got down and fixed it myself and it was a different kind of adventure. Firstly, because I went back to doing something I had done before; And then it happened to me: I looked at my hands and they were as full of grease as ever. A feeling seized me… I felt useful. Going through work makes me stronger, that’s how I look at it.

-You are 27 years old Matias, you have sent yourself a bell.

What happens is that I start as a child! (Laughs) I hadn’t finished high school and I was already working in the fields. At one point I wanted to quit and they told me to do so at night, but I didn’t study any more when I went to the trucks. I dedicated myself to the work and there we are.

– Have you returned to Chuy this year for a holiday?

– I’m thinking of going in February (laughs). My parents are always chosen, don’t take them anywhere else. We always go there. Last year I played in Chuy for a few days and then I took the chance to go on tour, but this year I don’t have any shows on the weekend, so I only have to go one day a week…

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