The mental thing cost us

'The mental thing cost us' - Fox Sports

Without excuses, twists or excuses like many others could after being eliminated from the field in the Liga MX Femenil Final, the Spaniard Andrea Pereira accepted that the mental side of América failed in important moments , that, in the end, it will be difficult for them to be defeated in general by Tigres in the meaning of the title.

Although the Águilas were champions last semester and finalists in this Apertura 2023, there were many complaints and criticisms from the fans towards the coach, Ángel Villacampa, and some of the players, especially Alison González, whose departure was announced the day after the loss in the Final.

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Andrea Pereira admits: ‘In America we have to work mentally’

With a huge resume thanks to his time in Barcelona, ​​​​​​where he won absolutely everything, Andrea Pereira did not avoid criticism from the Americans; On the contrary, he made a specific diagnosis of what was wrong with the team that failed to achieve the goal of the two-time championship.

“Thank you to the fans who trusted us and supported us from the beginning to the end of this tournament. For our part, we will work on the mental side that cost us a lot so that when we come back (soon) we can give our 100, that they were not able to criticize us for anything,” he said on social networks.

The leader of the azulcremas defensive zone ended his message of the Liga MX Femenil title in 12 tournaments since the creation of the circuit.

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“Finally, we have to congratulate Tigres, I think (like this more or less) there is no better team that knows how to play these games. We will come back, like we did and we will do the same again,” he said.

Andrea Pereira scored 12 goals for América in the semester despite being a central defender, who is one of the key parts of the best offense of the tournament, however, in the most important moment and with the crown in the middle , the Águilas went blank for 180 minutes in front of the owners of the Volcano.