The Mexican pair stand outside on the first day of the Spruce Meadows Masters tournament in Canada

The Mexican pair stand outside on the first day of the Spruce Meadows Masters tournament in Canada

Armando Hussey secured his spot at the weekend’s events riding the Lomax; six national riders competing

Mexico City. , Mexican binomials are made of Armando Hussey-Lomax, Eugenio Garza-Contago You Patricio Pasquale-Babelhad an excellent partnership on the first day of CSIO*5 Spruce Meadows Masters TournamentWhich occurs in Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

On the Canadian circuit designed by Venezuelan Leopoldo Palacios, the national doubles offered themselves to seek first place and qualify for the weekend’s jumping events, which are to be the Nations Cup and Masters on Saturday. Held on Sunday, 11 September.

In the 1.50m Atco Cup, Armando Hussey, riding Lomax, managed to make it to box six after a clean run of 47.55 seconds, thus securing his place for both events this weekend.

for its part, eugenio garza He finished 10th with Contago with a time of 67.83s.

There were 14 pairs that ran the route and only 12 passed the filter, led by former world number one American Kent Farrington riding Chestnut Creedence with a time of 43.94 seconds.

The Dutch pair got the second place Sana Tijsen-Coin Quidon After the clean run with 44.14 s. The British pair of Matthew Sampson-Abolesnki finished third with a timing of 44.40s.

Whereas in the 1.60m Cana Cup, Olympian Patricio Pasquale riding Babel finished seventh with a time of 77.39 seconds and penalty points.

Jose Antonio Chedrouei With Mighty Mouse, he finished 17th with 76.86 seconds and four penalty points.

It was a dynamic and highly competitive event that featured Olympic-quality combinations, as well as world champions and some of the renowned champions of this year’s Spruce Meadows Summer Series Grand Prix 5*.

Irish and world four, Conor Swale, managed his steed count me in well enough to beat all odds with a course of 43.46 seconds; German Daniel Deutscher clocked 44.50 with Bingo Ste Hermel in second place and Frenchman Marc Dilasser with a time of 45.20 seconds with Chaman in third place.

This Saturday, Mexican teams will see action in the Nations Cup, with 10 countries participating.


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