The Mexican Women’s Team earned their pass to the Gold Cup after defeating Puerto Rico

The Mexican Women's Team earned their pass to the Gold Cup after defeating Puerto Rico

They secure your ticket. the National Women’s Team of Mexico committed his participation to golden cup to be played next year in the United States after winning 3-0 against Puerto Rico and securing the leadership of Group A.

During the first 45 minutes of the commitment, those led by Pedro Lopez They looked superior from the opening whistle, but they couldn’t show it on the scoreboard. The proof of this is that they had seven shots on goal, but none ended up in the back of the net.

In this first half the clearest opportunities came in the 17th minute with a header from Rebecca Bernal which just went past the left post and in 33′ with a shot from Maria Sanchez in front of the goal, but the ball went into the hands of the rival goalkeeper.

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But in the second half everything changed, because in 47′ they managed to break the zero on the scoreboard. Scarlett Camberos He advanced on the right wing and sent a diagonal that ended up being pushed Natalia Mauleon.

This advantage was almost doubled in the 55′, as Camberos fell inside the area and the maximum penalty was awarded in favor of the visitors; However, goalkeeper Sydney Martínez guessed the payback Diana Ordóñez to keep Puerto Ricans with hope.

But in the 62nd minute the goalkeeper was unable to stop the Mexican attack which resulted in the extension of the sale. Mayra Pelayo He received the ball inside the area and quickly touched it with his left Kiana Palacios who immediately accepted and shot the rival goalkeeper to make it 2 to 0.

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As icing on the cake, Kiana Palacios sent the ball in after receiving a cross from Scarlett Camberos in the 92nd minute. In this way, Mexico secured its participation in the women’s Gold Cup by defeating Puerto Rico 3-0 and securing the title. leading Group A.