The mistake you made with Amazon Fire TV Stick and Wifi


Thanks to devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick, we can give a second life to our televisions, basically making them smarter, regardless of whether they keep updating or not.

And if you don’t have one Amazon Fire TV stickit, it’s probably one of your next Christmas gifts, and whatever the case, chances are you’re making a mistake with the device’s Internet connection.

When we put the stick on the Amazon Fire TV, we want it to run as smoothly as possible, and obviously, when we run any applications like Netflix, it works smoothly.

But there is one mistake that seems to be made by most users. As Fire Stick Tricks reports, most routers have WiFi. They can provide a signal strength with a maximum approximate distance of 45 m.

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This is the reason for the false connection to the Internet security, because in general, if we are more than 10 m away from the router, it is likely that we will receive WiFi speeds below normal.

And that can happen to you with the Amazon Fire TV stick, because if you install it, for example, in your bedroom, but you have the router in your living room, that 10 m distance will be more important to make it work. not so neat.

So the experts They advised that we have an Amazon Fire TV stick closest to the main router and, if not possible, can opt for a WiFi extender.

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Check the Fire TV Stick connection with WiFi

It is also important to check that we have the appropriate configuration of the Amazon Fire TV stick.

In this case, you must be connected to the internet on your router properly, and to do this, you must go to the options of your Fire TV, stick to “networks,” and check that you are connected to your router and that you are there. signal intensity.

If not, you can disconnect and reconnect, or even configure the connection from scratch.

If you keep all this in mind, your Amazon Fire TV stick will always get the highest possible Internet speed in your home.

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