The Model 2 will be Tesla’s first “almost fully” autonomous car

The Model 2 will be Tesla's first

March 08, 2023 10:13

Defeated electricity markets leading to industrial change; Elon Musk he has a new and familiar desire: independent driving. One of Isaac Asimov’s dreams. The North American tycoon has that goal in mind, although in recent times frequent legal setbacks have caused the company to renew its approach. Despite the setbacks, Musk has put something back into safety that seems very difficult to achieve; Tesla’s next vehicle will be autonomous most of the timethough of course he avoided particulars.

The controversial remarks occurred during a day of talks organized by Morgan Stanley, one of the world’s largest investment banks. Faced with the public, which is necessary in the great novelty of things, Musk stated that the cars of the next generation will be based on a new platform, which is enhanced, to have extensive capabilities of autonomous driving, exceeding the current models that have an equal 2 ratio, according to classification by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering).

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It is also true that Musk did not give specific details when such an event will take place. As in Obsidian Nine March on March 1, the blind and the lack of specifics have become the general trend of recent appearances by the company’s CEO. Tesla needs a concrete market plan for its approach as many investors are losing patience with the company’s lack of transparency. In fact, shares fell by more than 10% on this basis.

Many sources claim that the Tesla Model 2 has already begun its testing period.

Elon Musk’s promise is not new. Since 2016, it has become one of his mantras and we recently learned that the first commercial video had hidden some dark secrets. If we move forward in time, you know the head of the company By the end of 2012, driving law would be a thing in teams. Already in the month of October he was denying the matter. In fact, the first car with a level 3 autonomous driving license in the United States is not a Tesla, but a Mercedes.

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If we focus on the judicial framework, those from Austin have many open fronts in American courts. In the middle of last year, a judge punished the company for using a false name to promote the aid program. Be that as it may, Musk continues on that path The source is a great thing to society The truth is that he has not defined which vehicle will be equipped with such a line of steel technologies, although he thinks the most logical thing to do is the Tesla model 2 whose development has already been confirmed.


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