The 'money' that different television networks would have to pay to Georgina Rodriguez to talk about her past

Georgina Rodriguez with her cherry red bag

Georgina Rodriguez, At the age of 30, he has won an important legal victory in the fight to maintain the privacy of his past and his family. Although it is common for him to share aspects of his life on social networks, he has made it clear that there are limits Which he is not ready to cross in any way.

Georgina Rodriguez With Her Cherry Red Bag

The Court of First Instance No. 3 of Pozuelo de Alarcon supported their demands and condemned several television programs to pay significant financial compensation. According to the judgment he was ordered to pay 70,000 euros Georgina is accused of intruding into her privacy 50,000 euros Both she and her sister Ivana have been accused of violating their father’s privacy and image.

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The judge in charge of the case highlighted that Georgina’s current fame and popularity contrasts with the level of recognition she had in the past, before her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. At the time, her notoriety was mainly limited to her love affair with the footballer, and It did not get the recognition it has today.

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Georgina and Cristiano, on a romantic holiday


The documentary ‘I Am Georgina’, broadcast by Netflix in 2022, was also the subject of analysis in the test. In this program the judge shed light on His past was barely addressed Which reinforces the lack of legitimacy of media that have revealed information about his childhood or shared photos from when he was a minor.

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