The Moors and Christians of Torrent serve as a model to measure the value of music

The Moors and Christians of Torrent serve as a model to measure the value of music

A vervain and the entry of Moors and Christians Torrent have served as a model to measure the monetary, social and therapeutic value of music through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Researchers from the Valencian University Institute for Research in Artificial Intelligence (VRAIN) and the Department of Business Organization (DOE) of the polytechnic university of Valencia (UPV)They are developing a conceptual model to represent, in a standardized way, both the monetary value and the social and therapeutic value of music.

The objective of the study, which is framed in the European project Music 360, is to identify new usage patterns and generate knowledge based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques through “Machine Learning” algorithms.

Català parades in the ‘Moors and Christians’ of Torrent

The project, which will show these advances on the Music 360 platform, involves the creation of new Model-Driven Engineering technologies to adequately conceptualize the value of music, as reported by the UPV.

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In addition, it will improve the quality of the data by using AI and data science by collecting from a conceptual model that characterizes the relevant criteria to delimit the value of music, and it will identify patterns from that data, which will be used to measure not strictly monetary musical value.

in the current d the distribution of copyrights goes “according to the authors who sound the most and of the radio hits and the main platforms, but not of the small authors or authors of popular music that we can hear at popular partiesof great social implication such as the Fallas” as explained by the main researcher of the project at the VRAIN institute of the UPV, Óscar Pastor.

This project will allow the remuneration is made based on the music that has actually been performed or reproduced, instead of, for example, how many meters a venue has or what is heard the most on the radio, which is the current standard indicator for charging royalties, he added.

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Besides, It will make it possible to measure and assess how the music that is listened to, for example in a supermarket, influences the purchase decision, or how it can influence improving the well-being of the patient in a clinical context, even reducing the need to use certain analgesics.

The first test: Torrent parties

The Music 360 project includes six laboratories in different countries (Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Finland and Belgium) in popular festivals, supermarkets, restaurants, shops or hospitals, to enhance the trans-European dimension, test the impact of music and its repercussion on these issues.

So, during On July 28 and 29, the first laboratories were carried out in the town of Torrent with the measurement of the social and cultural value of music during a festival and the entrance of Moors and Christians, respectively.

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Music 360 is your n European project Horizon Europe with a financing of 3 million euros and aims to develop a new perspective on the value of music, in addition to allowing more accurate data collection on its use in public spaces.

The project started in March 2023 and will last for 3 years. Two universities participate in it: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, coordinator of the project, and the Universitat Politècnica de València, as well as CMO SENA, BUMA (Holland), IMRO (Ireland) and GDA (Portugal), the European Federation of CMO artists and performers o AEPO-ARTIS implementers and industry players GTM (Finland), BMAT Licensing (Spain) and The Value Engineers (Netherlands).


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