The most common mistakes in cycling training

Cyclist in full climb during training

Do you know a cyclist friend who always has some sort of injury? Can’t improve your Strava features? Are you lazier every day about going out and can’t find the motivation? We recently told you about the benefits of training with a roller or stationary bike.

In any case, whether you get out on your bike or stay at home, you probably do one of the following: the most common training mistakes of cyclists and which we will analyze in the next article.

No cycling training plan

Even if you think you have one training planning This is for freaks and geeks, make no mistake, this is the best tool avoiding injuries and achieving goals. In fact, it is a common mistake to do many kilometers on the bike when we buy a new machine. Proper training like crazy, without a goal and without advice, is the perfect breeding ground for reaching fatigue and suffering injuries as quickly as possible.

Apparently the best thing is the exact opposite: knowing the goals we want to achieve and set some training sessions and tempos according to these goals.

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Also, like all sports, We must set realistic goals. Friend Manuel, if you are 40 years old and you just bought a road bike because you want to go out with your cousin on the weekend, don’t set your goal to race the Tour de France next year.

Not enough rest

Rest is just as important as training. As we rest our muscles heal and grow. Without good training we cannot optimize the effort we make during cycling as training.

In the face of bad results, many times the most interesting question to solve is: how do you sleep? If the answer is negative, it is important to solve it. And it turns out that poor rest is one of the problems that many cyclists suffer from in their daily lives.

Bad food

In our nutrition section we have discussed on several occasions the consequences of poor nutrition for cyclists as well as some tricks to eat better. And that’s it Eating too little or too little is one of the classic mistakes many cyclists make. when they were training. As they say in my town: “a car without fuel can’t run.”

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And moreover, it will be the most important
Eating less or not: Nutrition is essential for sports performance. If you don’t eat enough or if you don’t eat the right foods, you won’t have the energy you need to train at your best.

A controlled and balanced diet This will provide an optimal nutritional balance to meet the energy needs required for cycling. Your performance depends on it and in this longer article we tell you more specifically what to eat before, during and after riding the bike.

Excessive training

Training progressively according to the goals we set is essential to improve. Overtraining can cause various types of injuries that can hinder our results in the long term.
In addition, it is important to listen to our body, analyze the pain that may appear in the joints or muscle groups.

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The bike is in good condition

Having the bike in perfect condition is essential to enjoy our training. And when we talk about perfect conditions, we mean many factors.
On the one hand, having it clean and well oiled will make your efforts rewarding, because a bike where the transmission is not properly oiled can mean a decrease in performance. In this article we explain how to clean it in 7 simple steps that are easy to remember.
On the other hand, it is important that we take it well regulated in our body. We recently explained how to choose the size of your bike, but we also need to properly position some mobile elements such as the saddle or handlebars to avoid possible cervical, lumbar, etc. .