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The most dangerous and infamous mafias that continue to operate in the US

for a long time USA He had a fascination with the subculture of criminal gangs and mafia icons that have long been glorified in entertainment and movies.

In fact, there is no state or ethnic group in life USA the detestable presence of organized crime.

Gang influence tends to decrease as each ethnic group finds its way USA, but organized crime remains a major threat to American society. According to him FBI there are 33,000 groups operating in USA


The Genovese crime family was born as an end result Castellanarese War which was completed in 1931 by the murder of Old World Joseph Masseria and later completed Salvator Maranzano. After their death, Charles “Lucky” Luciano and became the most powerful mobster in the country, establishing what became known as the Luciani crime family.

After Vito Genovese acquired control of the government in 1957, he took the name. The family’s reputation for keeping a secret (not wanting to reveal the name of criminal activity or accomplices) was shaken when ex-soldier Joe Valachi publicly testified about the activities. Cosa Nostra in 1963.

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crime family Gambino originated in the early 20th century under the leadership of * Salvator D’Aquila and it was made out of the infamy of the Five Families of New York. It was part of the “Commission” devised by Charles “Lucky” Lucianowho observed organized crime in the United States. It is to be run as the most famous umbilical cord Vincentius Mangano and Albert Anastasiabut it was Carlo Gambino who established the family business. This criminal organization is run by “Teflon Don” John Gotti and remains one of the greatest crime families in the country.


The Bonanno crime familythe other from Five Families, by Joseph Bonanno (1905-2002). The Bonanno family took over in 1931 after “Lucky” Luciano and mob boss Vito Genovese ordered the execution of Salvatore Maranzano, a crime boss Bonanno worked on.

He would avoid prison until 1980, when, at the age of 75, he was imprisoned for obstruction of justice and civil contempt of court.


crime family of Lucien has an origin East Harlem where his members had emigrated Panormum and Corleone in Sicily It is the smallest of the Five Families of New York and has the reputation of being one of the most stable and least violent Italian companies. Genus of Lucien it concentrated its activities under the close control of the New York Teamsters and regional clothing unions.

Prepared for Chicago

Chicago Outfitpart CommissionIt has existed since the beginning of the 20th century. Some of America’s most famous people were part of this group, including Al y Ralph Capone; executor Frank Nitti; the killer Jack McGurn; The crowd gave a big shot to Johnny Torrio; and Sam Giancana, a gang leader who allegedly had ties to the Kennedys. The Outfit was likely responsible for the 1929 Valentine’s Day Massacre in which seven members of a rival of the North side gang were shot by gunmen or police officers.


The Columbus crime family is the smallest of the famous Five Families New York. It was founded by Joseph Profaci in 1928, he remained the head of his family for decades. The internal peace gave way to the conflicts beginning in the 1950s as a younger generation sought control in the form of Joe Gallo.

After what Foolishly died of cancer, Joseph Colombo took over the family and ran the family until he was sent to the Italian-American Civil Rights League in 1971. He survived, but was paralyzed for the rest of his life. A Frenchman, believed to be the one who shot Columbus, was killed in a restaurant Greenwich Village one year later

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The patriarchal family of crime, founded by Gaspar Messana in 1916, but later named boss Raymond Patriarca, who ran from 1954 to 1984, dominated the New England mob for decades. Patriarca was succeeded by his son Raymond Jr., who was arrested in 1990 under the Fraudster Movement Corrupt Organizations Act. Internal friction led to a crime-inclined family influence. In the movie “The Departed”, several members of a Providence crime family try to force their way into the neighborhood by an Irish gang and are chased away by one of the gang members.


I live in Sicily Salvator Sabella he founded this part of the mafia in 1911, but it became better known in later years as the crime family of Bruno and then Scarfo. Angel Bruno, the son of a grocer, rose through the ranks of the Mafia in 1959. Considered a capable and loyal soldier who constituted a gambling mob, Bruno was known as the “Gentle Don” who preferred to use the environment rather than settle disputes. Aversion to drug dealing and controversy over Casino operations in Atlantic City led to his assassination in 1980. Eventually, Nicodemus “Little Nicky” Scarfo, whose violent behavior and drug-dealing zeal turned him into the opposite of Bruno, took over the role. Family reins.

Eventually, he was arrested on numerous charges and died in federal prison.


There is little agreement as to how the Crips gang got its name, but the use of force and violence is not discussed. The Crips were founded in 1969 (some sources say 1971) by two belligerent high school boys, Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams, as a partnership between two groups of their bullies. It has been said that they were the first political group to be influenced by the Black Panthers, but Williams posted a comment in which he dismissed that theory.

Crips they exploded in number, especially in the 1980s, as they became more involved with drugs. established a presence in forty states, entered into partnerships mexican posters. In addition to drugs, criminals are also involved in thefts, robberies, and car thefts. To distinguish themselves from the Sanguines, the Cripes began to wear blue.


Founded in the California prison system in 1964 by the Irish-American Knights, the Aryan Brothers is the oldest white primary group in the country.

They were originally formed to protect white inmates after the prison system collapsed. They have an estimated 20,000 members who can be found in most US federal and state prisons.

Although racist in origin, the group cares more about money than other doctrines. He formed associations with the non-white tribes to pursue the criminals of murder, armed robbery; arms trademanufacture and sale of drugs, simulated and identity theft.

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