The most effective tricks to get shiny hair. Beauty S Fashion

 The most effective tricks to get shiny hair.  Beauty  S Fashion

Having soft and shiny hair is a sign of beauty and health. Because like skin, hair also reflects the internal state. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition or an excessively sedentary life affects the hair. Thus, we can conclude that healthy and shiny hair starts with a healthy and balanced diet rich in nutrients, avoiding alcohol and tobacco and incorporating physical exercise into our lives. But what does it mean to have shiny hair? Trichologist Andrea Combalia is clear: “Hair shines when the cuticle, the most superficial layer of the hair fiber, remains intact. Something difficult if we consider that it is composed of overlapping scales, like roof tiles, oriented towards the tip of the hair. If they are perfect, their surface reflects light and shines; But if it is irregular, the hair grows, the light gets scattered and the hair starts looking dull, lifeless and rough.”

It must be borne in mind that the cuticle is the layer that accepts all external aggressions and any action on our hair affects it. So, finding the ideal routine for enhancing shine is an uphill battle because, really, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and it varies due to factors ranging from hair type to environmental humidity or the way you brush. Is. To treat dull hair, it is important to understand what causes it. According to hairdresser Arturo Roslin of his namesake hair salon, “It originates from several factors, including dryness, product accumulation, environmental factors, chemical damage, nutritional deficiencies, and application of inappropriate products.” And, although it all feels overwhelming together, there are ways to combat each of them. Experts give us the key to getting more light permanently.

Be careful of excessive washing

Over-washing your hair, no matter what type, can cause it to lose moisture, leaving it dull and lifeless. As Eduardo Sanchez, owner of Maison Eduardo Sanchez, said, “Avoid daily washing for two reasons: First, because water causes the hair to swell, which causes the cuticles to move upward and the hair to break more easily. Secondly, because when you wash it every day, you remove the natural oils and proteins that both your hair and scalp need to stay healthy. The curlier it is, the more time you can spare for cleaning: curls prevent the oil in the hair from reaching the roots and, therefore, preventing the hair from getting dirty. Conversely, the finer and smoother it is, the faster it absorbs the oil and smoothes it out. In these cases, it is ideal to use mild shampoos and keep a gap of at least a day between washing. If the hair is colored, you will also need to space out washing to prevent the hair from drying out excessively and the color from fading.

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Use thermal protector

One of the main causes of dull hair is overuse of heat tools, especially on thin hair, which is more susceptible to damage from heat styling or chemical treatments. The solution to this is to install a thermal protector. “If thermal devices are being used then the use of heat protectant is mandatory to maintain shiny and healthy hair. But just as important as implementing it is doing it well and generously. Separate small sections of hair and spray each section with two or three sprays from top to bottom. When you’re finished, comb through to evenly distribute the formula. “These products are useless if they are not applied to the entire hair,” says Eduardo Sanchez.

Refresh with clarifying shampoo

Using a clarifying shampoo once a month cleanses your scalp and hair of dirt, oil, product buildup and everything that takes away shine. “This involves washing with a high-powered cleansing shampoo to eliminate all residue on the hair and scalp. It is advisable to do this when we see that it is saturated, dull or heavy. The ideal is every three or four weeks, but it can be done whenever needed,” says Yolanda Izquierdo, hair expert in Montebello.

Reduce chemical treatments

Frequent use of dyes, relaxers or perms damages the hair cuticle and makes it lose its natural shine. Therefore, the frequency with which we perform these treatments is a factor to take into account. Experts agree that increasing the time between coloring when possible helps limit damage. “Not all chemical treatments are the same,” says hairdresser Miguel Bling of You Glow Salon in Madrid. Some have been scientifically formulated to repair hair fibers, such as those containing Plex. There are many chemical components that are beneficial rather than harmful. The best lines combine natural ingredients with chemistry and science to achieve more powerful and effective formulas. Additionally, another easy way to take care of your hair between colors is to do a repair treatment to close open cuticles. “This way we ensure that the water and lipids are sealed inside.”

Sleep with a silk pillow

It’s a fact: Silk pillowcases are gentle on your hair and help reduce breakage and tangles, keeping your cuticles intact. “I always recommend sleeping with silk pillowcases because cotton absorbs moisture, reduces shine, dries out the hair and makes them prone to frizz. One of the virtues of silk pillowcases is that they control and reduce the sebum production of the hair. The ideal is to sleep with your hair tied in a loose ponytail to avoid friction and tangling. An easy way to help add shine to hair without adding any steps to your styling routine,’ says Alberto Sanguino, Longueras’ director of education.

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Give your hair the pampering it deserves

And go for an intensive treatment once or twice a week. “Both for the scalp – nourishing it, detoxifying it and keeping it free of impurities so it can better absorb nutrients – and for caring for the hair from mid-lengths to ends. Hair scrub, mask, oil and massage brush. Any extra pampering is welcome and makes a difference in the long run,” says Eduardo Sanchez. Amidst all this, masks are essential ally to deeply hydrate and repair the hair. “But you have to choose it according to your need and apply it on hair that has been very well wrung out with a towel because if the hair is too wet, the water prevents the product from penetrating the hair fibers and its action. Very rarely,” Sanchez says.

Equipment yes, but of good quality

Something as simple as brushing makes a big difference when the goal is to achieve extra shine. “Clients always want the best products for their color care and don’t mind spending money on a good straightener or dryer, but they still think any brush will do. Having attached cuticles is as simple as brushing your hair with good products, at regular intervals and with the right movements. Additionally, good brushing can distribute sebum evenly from roots to ends. And detangling is not the same as brushing. Therefore we should have two types of brushes. One specifically for detangling and the other for brushing. My favorite is the Termix Pure Nature brush with high-performance ionized nylon fibers,” advises stylist Pablo Bogado, Wella and Termix Ambassador.

Vitamins of group B and A are great allies

Basically, the best way to have long-lasting shiny hair is to give your body the nutrients it needs to glow from the inside out. Veronica Mora from the Martiderm R&D department tells us which ingredients cannot be missing. “The B vitamins present in whole grains, eggs, nuts and milk are essential for strong hair. Among them, biotin, folic acid and cyanocobalamin contribute to the production of keratin, strengthen the hair roots and help metabolize amino acids, the basic component for hair. Additionally, broccoli, spinach, carrots and cabbage, rich in vitamin A, are important as their deficiency leads to dryness. Nuts, meat, legumes and milk contain minerals like selenium and zinc, which help process proteins. And he adds, “Food supplements like Martiderm Hair System capsules contain vitamins of group B, A, selenium, zinc, keratin, cysteine ​​and nutrients that help strengthen the hair from within.”

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Perfect your brushing technique

To keep your hair shiny, healthy, and frizz-free, experts agree that you should brush your hair for one minute twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. “This should be done from the bottom and top because if you brush from the roots, you damage the hair. Additionally, you should use a wide-toothed comb when hair is wet as it is more fragile and prone to breakage. Therefore, the ideal way to facilitate detangling is to brush it before washing. Follow our grandmothers’ habit of brushing your hair at night. This simple remedy removes dirt, distributes natural oils throughout the length and stimulates blood circulation, helping nutrients better reach the hair follicles. If you add hair massage to it, shiny hair is almost guaranteed,” says Eduardo Sanchez.

Try a Humidifier

The key to getting and maintaining shiny hair is to retain moisture, and humidifiers are a great way to keep things from getting too dry, especially in the winter. “For anyone who has dry skin or hair, which often causes dullness, using a humidifier can help reduce dryness and keep hair looking shiny,” explains Miguel Bling. Additionally, humidifiers improve overall health by promoting better sleep, relieving seasonal allergies, and reducing snoring.

Invest in professional color treatment

No matter how much skill you have, we can’t underestimate the power of professional color to get shiny hair in record time. “One of the most popular techniques in our salon is gloss, which is an injection of signaled light to enhance the shine of the dye or revive the natural color. It is a semi-permanent color that forms a layer on the hair for a very shiny effect. It’s an ammonia-free color with a much lower oxidation rate than traditional colors, so as your hair grows, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of the roots,” says Ana Martínez, education manager at Jean-Louis David. telling.

Do not let more than three months go by without cutting

The foundation of shiny hair is strong hair, and the best thing you can do to support it is keep split ends at bay with frequent trimming. “Healthy hair requires regular cut ends. Don’t forget to plan future visits on your agenda to see it in all its splendor,” concludes Eduardo Sanchez.


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