The most famous design sofa on Instagram is also the favorite of interior designers: why everyone is talking about the ‘Camaleonda’

The most famous design sofa on Instagram is also the favorite of interior designers: why everyone is talking about the 'Camaleonda'

At this point it is There’s no way her sinuous curves won’t come to your retina when you say her name.. Have you seen him at home? influencer Pernille Teisbaek, in that of American actress Ashley Tisdale, star stylist Kate Young or decorator and chef Aretha Calderone. Also in the project that BonVivant Concept carried out on the island of Majorca in mid-2022, in a house built in 1990 in Sydney by the Alexander &CO studio and even in this private mansion with a garden at the gates of Paris. Even Rihanna has her own pose with this particular model! And it was Bellini himself who said so, who designed it in the 1970s to B&B Italy: “Camaleonda is a nickname that I invented by mixing two words: the The first is the name of an extraordinary animal, the chameleon. (chameleon in Italian), which can adapt to the environment, and the second is the word “wave”, the curve of the sea and the desert. The two words describe the form and function of this sofa.

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The plaster of the house is made by the craftsman Peter Møller. In the living room, the sofa is the Camaleonda model by B&B Italia, a design by Mario Bellini; above the module, in front of the main room, a blanket of Hermes. The carpet is Dusty Deco; on the coffee table is a vase by Malene Knudsen and on the wall a painting by Wes Lang. In the background, a white chair by Pierre Paulin and a marble vase by Louise Roe. On the left, a diamond-shaped table with a tray and a glass of FOS.

But why is it so popular?

With 25,000 cases posts recorded on Instagram, 6.7 million views of the hashtag on TikTok, thousands of results on Pinterest, more than 300,000 searches on Google and the the unconditional love of countless celebritiesinterior designers and decorating enthusiasts –even the multidisciplinary artist Gab Bois made his own miniature version from hot dog buns–, we can affirm without complex that we are undoubtedly in front of the blockbuster from the moment. But why do we love this piece of furniture so much? Is it a passing fad or do we have before us the Rosalía of designer sofas?

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The answer lies in three key factors. First of all, the versatility of a model that adapts to any room, lifestyle, decorative taste and layout. Designed by independent modules, can be configured as desired: today all together in front of the television, tomorrow distributed in strategic points of the room. This function also allows you evolve according to our needs, being able to grow and change in size if our square meters allow it. If your current home is a small urban apartment, two 90×90 cm modules will be more than enough; If fate welcomes you in a few years with a house with spacious rooms, all you have to do is add seats to the whole. Can you think of something more durable? -And romantic- always have it on you move after move?

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Added to this is another fundamental characteristic for any self-respecting design sofa: the personalization. B&B Italy has more than 400 different finishes between textile and leather. Blue, green, orange, white, curly, velvet… Nothing resists them. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it. Finally, there’s no denying the beauty of its soft shapes and playfulness – “it’s definitely one of the most playful designs I’ve created,” the designer continued. He Camaleonda It’s not exactly a rigid object. It blends into the environment, adapts with pleasure and adapts to the proportions of its stage partners. Wherever you put it, it always looks good. Bellini has already said it, it’s extraordinary.


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