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Monday, September 12, 2022, 01:17

Citron returns to ECOMOV for another year, and it could not have been otherwise given a comprehensive list of ecological models. Electrified vehicles are gaining more and more prominence in the French brand, with models committed not only to eco-mobility, but also to a distinct design and first-class on-board technology.

Citron is seeking to introduce electrified models to all types of masses, and we can see that from the Ami, a small urban two-seater electric vehicle that can be driven without the need for a driver’s license from the age of fifteen . The Ami, like last year, will be displayed at La Marina’s Shed 2 during the ECOMOV fair, along with two of its other star ecological models such as
C5 X Plug-in Hybrid and C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid, for sale with special offers for all occasions.

Citron C5 X Plug-in Hybrid

Focusing on the models available for public testing, Citron offers to test its plug-in hybrid technology with the C5 Aircross and its 100% electric proposition with the -C4. In the case of the C5 Aircross Hybrid, it is a reference in terms of comfort and this variant with the zero label makes it more versatile. Its electric autonomy of 55 kilometers, its fast charge in less than two hours and its combined power of 225 CV make it a very interesting option from 245 euros per month for those who are looking for a car With which to travel very comfortably but at the same time want to save money in their day to day travel.

In the case of
c4 electricThe , has three driving modes – Normal, Eco and Sport – and has a range of 350 kms. Its battery can be recharged to 80 percent in thirty minutes and its design, personality and interior space are three assets in favor of the -C4, a model with 136 horses and four available equipment versions.

Citroen C4-

If there is one thing these two models have in common, apart from efficiency and modern on-board technology, it is a really attractive new design language that is already giving the French brand a lot of success in the market, which made a great Is the leap from quality.

In addition to these models, the latest Citron novelty ECOMOV brand will be present in the exhibition area:
C5X Plug-in Hybrid, This model, which mixes the silhouette of a sedan with that of an SUV, is equipped with new technical elements with variable stiffness shock absorbers, new seats and interior design, screens up to twelve inches … and all this in one vehicle 225 hp, an average consumption of 1.3 liters per hundred and an electric range of 55 km, similar to the C5 Aircross.

All this, and much more, can be found at ECOMOV, the largest ecological mobility program in Spain, from 30 September to 2 October at Tinglado 2 in La Marina de Valencia.

Citroen AMI

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