The Most Modern Eurofighter: Almost Invisible, Electronic Scanning Radar and Digital Defense

Eurofighter Thaipoon It is a combat fighter that has become a symbol of the Spanish Air Force. Modern, versatile, very fast and well armed, with impeccable maneuverability, its technology has nothing to envy other theoretically more advanced fighters. In fact, the Spanish government approved the purchase of 20 devices in December 2021, adding to the 73 already purchased. The new aircraft, 16 single-seater and 4 two-seater, will replace F/A-18A from Rhino Base (Canary Islands), and will be equipped Electronic Scanning Radar (E-Scan), a marvel of technology that would “considerably” improve the aircraft’s counter-defense systems. As El Debate pointed out, its missions are very specific, but it will be important. Air-to-air and air-to-ground detection and detection, In addition, it allows you to decisively counter enemy attempts to interfere with your systems with countermeasures based on state-of-the-art electronic defense techniques. “Additionally, the radar system will incorporate electronic jamming and listening capabilities.”

Most modern fighter of latest generation

it also includes DAS (Electronic Defense System), one of the most advanced systems in the world. The aircraft’s electronic defense system tracks any electromagnetic activity that signals the presence of an enemy fighter. And it does it practically invisibly. It should be noted that the Eurofighter is not what is commonly known as a stealth fighter, but in this sense its stealth capabilities are more than remarkable.

This is the Eurofighter of the Spanish Air Forceon burning

This is the Eurofighter of the Spanish Air Forceon burning

Eurodas Consortium integrated by leonardo (United Kingdom), Electronics (Italia), Indra (Spain) and hensold (Germany) and Eurofighter Typhoon designs, develops and produces the Praetorian Defensive Aids Subsystem. From the said association it is underlined that there are two main elements to be able to sneak up: Be aware of the surroundings and difficult to observe. “The Typhoon system provides complete awareness of surrounding hazards so that pilots know where they are and what mode they are using. By receiving data from other operators in the theatre, this picture is further enhanced through the network Has gone Typhoon’s EW System», denoted by EuroDASS. That way, and with an up-to-date, accurate and complete picture of the environment, a Typhoon pilot can be sure that he is not even within range of potentially hazardous radar, according to the consortium.

This system employs a variety of electronic countermeasures that Allow aircraft to “digitally hide their signature, be invisible to radar, or digitally create a complex and confusing image” (noise) to a threatened operator, depriving them of a clear opportunity to target them and preventing them from launching the missile in the first place.”

Image of a Eurofighter of the Spanish Air ForceAir Force

A Eurofighter Typhoon drops a guided bombEurofighter Typhoon

Two Eurofighters of the Spanish Air Force, in full flightAir Force

The importance of this defensive system can be summarized as follows. Late last June, DASS suppliers met to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the trade agreement. K Flight Lieutenant RAFHelen ‘Hell’ Seymour, Dijo: «DASS is critical to survival!, Few words that express the essence of a system that is already looking to the future. In the same event, the key to Eurofighter Typhoon’s safety in an increasingly digital warfare space was established. Praetorian Evo will provide:


  • A new digital architecture that will continue to protect Typhoons against an increasingly complex, congested and conflicting threat environment.
  • The agility to respond to the dynamic nature of the digital battlefield.
  • The latest High Reliability (Hi-Rel) manufacturing and assembly technology, ensuring that operational efficiencies match availability.
  • Contribution to the big picture of sensor data fidelity and digital situational awareness.

first of the planes Hawk, that are managed Through agency NETMA (NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency), will be delivered in 2026, with a service life beyond 2060. Eurofighter Typhoon’s technical capabilities will enable full integration into Europe’s future air combat environment, the project called F-CASWhich is currently passing through a period of uncertainty. Eurofighter is Europe’s largest defense program Germany, UK, Italy and Spain are the main European partners. Currently, 680 Eurofighter aircraft have been sold to nine countries around the world.

Photomontage of an F-18 Hornet and a Eurofighter from the Spanish Air Force

Eurofighter and F-32 face to face

For now, in a few days, Spanish Eurofighters will be back in action; Four fighter jets will be deployed between August 22 and September 12 Amari, Estoniaduring the mission of baltic air police within the framework of NATO.


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