The most precious gift that Miguel Boyer gave to Isabel Preysler

The most precious gift that Miguel Boyer gave to Isabel Preysler

The memory of Miguel Boyer is still present in Isabel Preysler’s daily life. During his Disney+ documentary, he was portrayed as a loving and devoted father who finds time to be with his family. “Miguel is happy. He really enjoyed Christmas; he loved it. She prepares gifts for the children and always puts an envelope with money in each of their socks. “He’s not serious at home, and he’s very loving and gentle,” enthuses Isabel.

Miguel Boyer passed away in September 2014. His last Christmas, despite his illness, he was strong enough to go down to the living room and have dinner with everyone. “My children adore Miguel. When he came home, Tamara was very small, and he was always with her. He said that Miguel signed his school notes, “Your almost father.” The most valuable gift Boyer gave to Isabel Preysler was the generosity and closeness with which he always treated Tamara. “Miguel is a very important pillar in her life.”

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Miguel Boyer and Isabel Preysler

During the presentation of Isabel Preysler: My Christmas, she also recalled some anecdotes about her children seeing Boyer. “When we go on vacation, my children say: ‘Mom, does Uncle Miguel work?’ Because he would start reading things about physics, and I would tell them he enjoyed it, but it didn’t make sense to them,” he smiled.

Isabel Preysler and Miguel Boyer got married on January 2, 1988, in a secret ceremony. A picture of the couple posing outside the civil registry office on Pradillo Street was distributed to the media. At the time, he served as president of the Foreign Bank of Spain. He left his position as vice president of the government of Felipe González and the portfolio of Minister of Finance.

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“We’ve been here for 26 years,” Preysler said in the documentary. And he confessed that there are still some napkins in the house, which can be seen embroidered with the initials BP, Boyer Preysler.