The most-watched show on Netflix

The most watched show on Netflix TODAY, December 3, you should not miss if you like Christmas and

This is the day of rest when the whole family prefers to spend the day indoors to prepare everyone for the start of the new week, especially in December when the arrival of the holidays is anticipated. However, it can also end in a gap of boredom when the homework is done. So today we share with you a recommendation of a movie that is on Netflix and that has already positioned itself as a public favorite.

What should I watch on Netflix today?

The recommendation on Netflix to enjoy tonight is “Family in Revolt, a movie that remembers the magic of Christmas and emphasizes the importance of our loved ones, especially those of our blood relatives. This 2023 film, new to the streaming platform, was placed in the top 10 thanks to moviegoers who gave it a chance because of its similarity to “A Crazy Friday.”

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So if you are a lover of the Christmas holidays and have free time, sit alone or with someone to watch this film that, in 105 minutes, will captivate you under the same premise as “Crazy Friday. “In “Family in Revolt or Body Swap, mom and dad are put on screen with their two children as they are plunged into chaos, not knowing what to do when changing bodies. Do you notice the similarities? Although no one here eats a cookie, a cosmic event is responsible for this change that will put each of the clan members in trouble.

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On the other hand, if you have teenagers at home, there is nothing better than giving this movie a chance, which is in the top 10 of the most watched films this year. Sundaybecause Jess (Jennifer Garner) and Bill Walker (Ed Helms) are two parents who, while raising their two children, CC (Emma Myers) and Wyatt (Bredy Noon), try to keep them close to them like when they were little and they didn’t go through hormonal processes.

Without spoilers, the plot of this movie on Netflix begins when the four meet an astrologer, as if their destiny has already been marked, and although it seems the most coincidental, this fact will lead them to exchange bodies so that now the essence of adults remains in the tins of teenagers while they take the children’s adult bodies.

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In addition to developing completely Christmas, this title explains to us the importance of family relationships and that no matter what or how the support remains throughout life, while teenagers face the ‘problems of both adults, their parents should support them in their own decisions and important moments such as a college entrance interview and a soccer tryout.