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xQc can’t stand the hype and he wants to play GTA VI before others, but we all know what will happen to his proposal

With the release of the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, many fans of the saga are eager to try one of the most anticipated entertainment products in history. Rock Star aims to make history again with his new game, and its effect is so important that many are ready to shell out a considerable amount of money to play it first.

One of them is xQcHE streamer, the most watched on Twitch, who, after watching the trailer several times, commented live that he wanted to appeal to Rockstar for access to the game a day before in exchange for a staggering amount of one million dollars. His desire to play is so great that he said he is willing to spend part of the money from his contract with Kick to play before anyone else.

“Man, I’d probably pay a million dollars to get it a day early. I’d give a million, without a doubt I’d do it.”

Obviously, unless you can somehow get a press copy, xQc does not have access to the game until the official release date. While you may be allowed a day early for game reviews and streams as a content creator, you won’t get more than a few hours of head start at all.

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Fight between millionaires to play GTA VI before others

However, xQc isn’t the only one who has expressed interest in getting an early copy of the game for an absurd amount of money. She streamer Adin Ross also commented, in addition to saying that he is working on the game, that he would pay up to half a million dollars to have access to the game before others.