This is how America went in the Liguilla Semifinals

 The most winning?  This is how America went in the Liguilla Semifinals

This Wednesday the Semifinals of Opening in 2023 is example that for America It is well known. In the four qualifiers of this tournament, Coapa is the club with the most experience, since the 1971-72 season it has reached the preliminary final 41 times.

With this, the azulcrema club has played almost twice as many Semifinals than the Pumasand more than double that Tigers. while Atlético San Luisthe fourth classified this semester, new this time, since its return to the First Division, in Opening in 2019did not reach this stage.

However, even though they have made it past the Quarterfinals on a few occasions, both university teams can boast that they have been very effective. Both have 14 wins in the Semifinals, in the case of UNAM in 23 matches, compared to 20 played by UANL.

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With this, those from Nuevo León have an efficiency of 70 percent, while those from Mexico City have 61 percent. As for Las Águilas, with 17 victories (three more than the cat clubs) in 41 Semifinals, they remain with an efficiency of 41 percent.

Today the azulcrema team will face Atlético San Luis and must use its experience to increase the 18th victory against a team that, on the contrary, wants to be the ‘Black Horse’ in its first tournament as a First Division semi – finalist.

America 41 17 24 41%
Pumas 23 14 9 61%
Tigers 20 14 6 70%
Atlético San Luis
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