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The Mystery of the Oort Cloud and Astrobital 4×11

This week, on AstroBitacoura 4×11 we talk about an interesting study that details the path taken by water since the formation of the Solar System. On YouTube, we also talk about the Oort Cloud and how a shooting star provides clues to its composition…

Astrobitácora 4×11: Journey to the Water

A study suggests that the Earth’s water was formed 4.5 billion years ago. This is something we’ve covered in detail here on the blog in two separate articles (the first part is available here). This is particularly interesting because it allows us to answer, at least partially, one of the most complex questions in the history of our planet. How did you get your water? Was it present at the time of its formation, or was it arrived at through countless comet and asteroid collisions billions of years ago?

The Mystery Of The Oort Cloud And Astrobital 4X11
Earth seen from space. Credit: NASA

From the answers to these questions, it can be estimated that how was the infancy of the solar system. By extension, one can also predict what conditions would be in the exoplanets, rocky and habitable zones of other stars in the Milky Way. So this is not a trivial matter. The study tells us about the history of water starting from the very first moment a new star formed in the Milky Way. All the action starts inside a molecular cloud. It is not even necessary to wait for the formation of a star…

From there, the authors detail how, at each moment in the future planetary system’s formation, water related to its environment. It is even possible to distinguish two great moments for the formation of water. This, in turn, makes it possible to distinguish its origin (the first phase contains more deuterium than the second). It is an interesting journey as it may lead to some long-awaited answers. As always, you can listen to AstroBitacora 4×11 on iVux, on its iOS and Android apps. Also here at this link:


YouTube: The Oort Cloud’s Amazing Creation

On YouTube, like every week, we cover a new topic. This time, the focus is on a shooting star that happened in early 2021. It was a spectacular fireball visible over Canada and the northern United States. At first, one might think that there is nothing special in this. However, due to its characteristics its origin and composition can be inferred. Details such as the speed at which it entered the atmosphere, the distance traveled and the altitude at which it decayed allow us to determine its characteristics.

Artist’s impression of the Oort cloud. credit: unknown

In short, there are reasons to believe that it originated in the Oort Cloud, the most distant region of the Solar System. What is surprising is that its composition is essentially rocky. There is no other possibility to explain the observed fireballs. It paints a different landscape on the Oort Cloud. Models of the formation of the Solar System have always suggested that it would be a region composed entirely of frozen objects. There should be no rocky objects in these distant areas.

However, this shooting star suggests that is not the case. So, in the coming months and years, there will surely be other studies that try to shed more light on what the ratio of rock material versus volatile material in the Oort cloud might be. most interesting? No traditional model has been able to explain the composition. Therefore it would be necessary to make a different proposal (or look for an alternative model). As always, the video is available at this link and at the beginning of this article.

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