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The Nation / Pharmaceutical Industry Will Be Able To Automate Management With Robots

In the next few years, artificial intelligence can replace “up to 80%” of jobs and that too “It’s a good thing,” exclaims American scientist Ben Goertzel, leading researcher in the field. With long hair, a casual style and a wide-brimmed animal-print hat, the Brazilian-born mathematician Sensation at conferences such as Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro Where they presented this week the latest version of their humanoid robot Grace, a nurse designed to care for the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals.

Responsible for coining the term “Artificial General Intelligence” (IAG)With human cognitive abilities not yet developed, it is only “years” away, Goertzel, 56, said in an interview with AFP. and of defended that this futuristic system should be administered in a decentralized and democratic mannerThe objective with which he founded and directed the SingularityNet platform.

– How far are we from an intelligence with human cognitive abilities?

If we want machines that are truly as smart as people and just as agile to deal with the unknown, we need to be able to make huge leaps beyond just training and programming them. And we’re not there yet. But I think there is ample reason to think that this is the year, not the decade.

– What do you think about the debate about Chat-GPT and its risks? Should researchers take a six-month hiatus, as some advocate?

– I don’t think we need to stop because it’s not dangerous extraterrestrial AI. (…) You cannot do complex reasoning in many steps, such as those required by science. Or invent new things outside the scope of your data training.

Some say we should stop testing because these systems can spread misinformation. I disagree. Why don’t we ban the internet, which does exactly that: puts a wealth of information at your fingertips, and also distributes all the lies and misinformation? I think we should live in a free society, and we shouldn’t ban it just like the internet hasn’t been banned.

– Is its ability to replace jobs not a threat?

– With systems of a Chat-GPT like nature emerging in the next few years, I estimate that about 80% of the jobs people do will probably become obsolete. And that too without the need of creating an IAG.

I don’t see this as a threat, but as an advantage. People will find better things to do instead of working for a living. (…) Virtually all administrative tasks can be automated. The problem I see is the transition period, when artificial intelligence starts working after the work becomes obsolete. (…) I don’t know how to solve these social problems.

– What can robots with IAG do for society today and what will they be able to do in the future?

– They can do many good things. One example is the robot nurse Grace. Many people in the United States are lonely in nursing homes. And although they provide them with medical attention, food and TV, they are often inadequate in terms of emotional and social support. If you introduce a humanoid robot to answer their questions, listen to their stories, call with their kids, or help them with ordering online, you are improving their lives. They will be even better partners when IAG is there.

In that case you are not cutting jobs because there are not enough people who want to work as nurses or carers. Education will be an incredible market for humanoid robots as well as household tasks.

– How should regulation work for AI to have a positive impact?

Governance of these technologies must be participative in some form, involving the population. And all this is technically possible. The problem is that the companies funding most AI research don’t care about doing good. They care about maximizing shareholder value.

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