The national government initiated legal action against Joe Lewis for blocking Lago Escondido


The national government intervened in an administrative action to challenge the nullity of the permits granted by the State in 1996 that allowed the purchase of land, including hidden lakein a border area, in a company owned by an English tycoon Joe Lewis, Hidden Lake SA.

Resolution 1603, signed by the Secretary of the Interior, Jose Lepere, expresses the first consent of the consent given within the framework of File Nos. S02-21662/96 and S02-21702/96 from the Ministry of Defense to Hidden Lake SA In addition, it directed the General Directorate of Legal Affairs of the ministry to initiate judicial action for damages against the Hidden Lake SA to obtain the declaration of the nullity of the previous authorizations granted by said company.

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Version: Justice ruled in favor of Joe Lewis and the way to Lago Escondido was through the mountain

Land sales in the Lake Escondido area initially came from the company HR Properties Buenos Aires SA, which later passed into the hands of Hidden Lake SA, whose shareholders are Lago Corp and Charles Barrington Lewis, an English citizen who recently arrived in the Argentine Republic.

The transaction includes a total of 8,063 hectares and 2,760 hectares of land.

The resolution refers to a long history of claims that started from a presentation to the Office of the Attorney General for Administrative Investigations by the currently elected legislator from Rio Negro, Magdalena Odarda, and her lawyers. John Ernesto Montecino Odarda and John Martin Palumbo.

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The humiliation is based on the fact that the Decree Law No. 15,385/44, superseded by law N°23.554declares the national convenience that the properties located in the security zones belong to the native citizens of Argentina.

The Administrative Investigations Prosecutor’s Office led to the investigation of possible irregularities in the procedures for the purchase of property by foreigners in the Border Security Zones, including the Lewis transaction in the Escondido Lake area of ​​the province of Río Negro.

The resolution also emphasized that from the beginning, the land purchase transaction should be rejected and that the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Menemist allowed it based on inaccurate information, emphasizing the need to initiate a criminal complaint.

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