The NBA Cup now has quarterfinals: this is how the crosses will stay

The NBA Cup now has quarterfinals: this is how the crosses will stay

The NBA You already know the outcome of your first Cup. The group stage of In-Season Tournament ended last night with an exciting menu of eight games that left unprecedented situations in the league. Many teams, for example, need to tighten the screws in garbage minutes to dispute the point difference that gives them the wildcard access to the quarterfinals. However, last night the pairs were resolved and things remain as they are.

Loss New York Knicks (4) they face the Milwaukee Bucks (1), and the Boston Celtics (3) they play it against Indiana Pacers (2) in the Eastern Conference. These matches will be played in the pavilion of the team with the best record. In the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns (4) they fight against Los Angeles Lakers (1) and the New Orleans Pelicans (3) against Sacramento Kings (2).

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The winners of each game will qualify for the Final Four in Las Vegas, Nevada, scheduled for December 7 and 9. The NBA Cup quarterfinals will be played next. December 4th and 5th and if there’s one thing they promise, it’s great excitement, because the franchises and players seem to take it seriously.

The summary of the day

How does each team qualify?

  • Milwaukee (4-0) won Group B in the East with the best balance and the first seed by virtue of point differential
  • Boston (3-1) won East Group C with point differential tiebreakers against Orlando and Brooklyn.
  • New York (3-1) won the East wildcard with tiebreakers over all other second-place teams.
  • New Orleans (3-1) won Group B in the West with the best balance.
  • Sacramento (4-0) won Group C in the West with the best balance, but remained in the second seed by losing the point differential to the Lakers
  • Phoenix (3-1) won the West wildcard with tiebreakers over all other second-place teams.
  • Previously, the Los Angeles Lakers (4-0, Group A in the West) and Indiana Pacers (4-0, Group A in the East) have qualified.
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Controversy about the Guille Álvarez differential

The group stage of the NBA Cup

Results and final classification

East Group A:
1. Indiana Pacers: 4-0 -x
2. Cleveland Cavaliers 2-1 -e
3. Philadelphia 76ers: 2-2 -e
4. Atlanta Hawks: 1-2 -e
5. Detroit Pistons: 0-4 -e

East Group B:
1. Milwaukee Bucks: 4-0 -x
2. New York Knicks: 3-1 -wc
3. Miami Heat: 3-1 -e
4. Charlotte Hornets: 1-3 -e
5. Washington Wizards: 0-4 -e

Eastern Group C:
1. Boston Celtics: 3-1 -x
2. Orlando Magic: 3-1 -e
3. Brooklyn Nets: 3-1 -e
4. Toronto Raptors: 1-3 -e
5. Chicago Bulls: 0-4 -e

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Western Group A:
1. Los Angeles Lakers: 4-0 -x
2. Phoenix Suns: 3-1 -wc
3. Utah Jazz: 2-2 -e
4. Portland Trail Blazers: 1-3 -e
5. Memphis Grizzlies: 0-4 -e

Western Group B:
1. New Orleans Pelicans: 3-1
2. Houston Rockets: 2-2 -e
3. Dallas Mavericks: 2-2 -e
4. Denver Nuggets: 2-2 -e
5. Los Angeles Clippers: 1-3 -e

Western Group C:
1. Sacramento Kings: 4-0-x
2. Minnesota Timberwolves: 3-1-e
3. Golden State Warriors: 2-2-e
4. Oklahoma City Thunder: 1-3 -e
5. San Antonio Spurs: 0-4 -e

x = group champion
wc = wildcard
e = eliminated