The network of chargers for electric cars is growing


The installation of charging equipment, an activity that has no regulation, is in line with the growth of the market for electric and hybrid vehicles. In any case, coverage needs to be extended beyond major urban centres. There are 14 established units in Mendoza.

Electric cars do not depend exclusively on service stations for their supply and can use the general electrical network. Photo: Archive

electric charger network The growth that began five years ago continues and has already reached 230 units installed It is forecast to continue expanding to the rest of the national territory, in the city of Buenos Aires and 18 provinces. in this stage, mendoza It currently has a total of 14 charging points.

installation of chargers In line with the growth of the market for electric and hybrid vehicles, According to the report of the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA), 4,672 patents were registered in the first quarter of 2023. Although this number is small compared to the total number of the local automotive market, compared to 2018 – when the first electric charger was installed in the country – The proportion of electric and hybrid cars increased 31 timesGoing from 0.064% to 1.99% in the first half of this year, with growth expected to continue.

is different from conventional vehicle Internal combustion, electric ones do not depend exclusively on service stations for their supply and may resort to the normal electrical network, although, in this case, the charging period may extend to several hours and may be required to provide autonomy to the vehicle. Will be insufficient for long trips. for that reason, The development of electromobility requires the establishment of a network of chargers that is not confined to main urban centres, but covers most of the national territory.

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Survey of electric chargers across the country is a difficult task, as currently not all of them are located in service stations and their activities. It has no regulation and official registry, Therefore, personal checks should be used. In this regard, one of the most complete records is available in the EV Jungle application, which has detailed information on charging stations in different countries.

Diego de la Serna, the company’s product manager and director of the Argentine Association of Electric and Alternative Vehicles (AVEA), explained the distribution in detail. 230 Chargers got reliefstill bouncy Concentration in the city and province of Buenos Aires, which accounts for 56.9% of the teams overall. Similarly, in Five provinces still do not have authorized chargers (Corrientes, Formosa, Jujuy, La Rioja and Santiago del Estero), and only one of the other four is available (Catamarca, Chaco, Misiones and Rio Negro).

The Network Of Chargers For Electric Cars Is Growing
By whom was the first electric charger installed? ypf In August 2017, at the Automóvil Club Argentino (ACA) station, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, at the intersection of Godoy Cruz and Demaría streets, which could only be operational for three years due to conflicts with distributor Adesur. Later Currently, the state-owned company already has 33 units installed in its network and is expected to reach 41 before the end of the year, with the recent opening of the last charger in Rosario.

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In this way, the YPF completed the corridor that connects various cities in the provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires (besides CABA), facilitating electric vehicle transportation on a journey of about 1,000 kilometers between Mar del Plata and does. In the south of the Mediterranean province. for his part, shell Argentina added Shell Recharge, which has 90,000 electric chargers in 33 countries and electric suppliers in Nordelta, Chascomas, Las Armas and Pinamar in Argentina.

The sources consulted said that, as electromobility reaches a point of maturity, there will be regulations that will facilitate market order, which currently has a charging range that oscillates between 22 and 150 kW, which will reduce waiting times. There is an important difference with regards to. subscriber (the lower the power, the longer the duration).

In the same way, since it is a new activity compared to internal combustion mobility, he added that promoting large-scale installation of chargers would require some kind of initial support, if one takes into account that the acquisition and installation One loader would require an initial investment of around $50,000to which should be added maintenance costs.

In his thesis “Bases for a regime to promote the development of public fast-charging networks for electric cars in Argentina”, presented at the University of Lanus, engineer Roberto Stazzoni proposed a modification of the distribution of fuel tax income, called Given “it is not a profitable activity in low demand scenario”.

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Stazzoni said that, “In line with the ‘polluter pays’ principle, these funds come from the use of polluting fuels” And, since there is already a tax on carbon dioxide in liquid fuels, “this tax is proposed to be revised to a very small percentage, in such a way that the person consuming the polluting fuel will pay for the total impact of your 0.2% of the price currently being paid.” Thus, according to the guidelines set out in the Energy Transition Plan, temporary funding is expected to set up more charging stations, with 2% of the entire vehicle fleet expected to be equipped with electric vehicles in 2030. The approval was given in early July by the Ministry of Power.

Search for power stations

Google Map It already allows users in Argentina to easily find charging points for electric cars across the country. upon entering applicationSimply select the “Electric Vehicle Charging” option within the search categories.

The system is constantly updated, and although there are still some charging points to be added, users can suggest them to be included. In addition, the application offers several filters that allow you to search by distance, plug type or even fast charging stations.


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