The new animated film about Jesus that includes professionals from Disney and Pixar

The new animated film about Jesus that includes professionals from Disney and Pixar

Talita’s parents were mourning her death when Jesus came and said to her, “Get up.”

Scenes like this are part of the new animated film on the life of Jesus, which is told according to the gospel of Saint Luke and Saint Mark.

The film was actually born in 1979, when they published the first version. His goal is to bring the Gospel to different parts of the world. Over time, it has been translated into more than 2,000 languages. Now, the new production aims to reach more people.

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We all need hope and there is no better story than Jesus, especially when it comes to hope. So we want to take animation, which is very appealing to many people, and use it as a platform to bring the story and life of Jesus to the world. It’s exciting and we want every country, every person, to have the opportunity to hear Jesus speak in their own language.

To make this new version, the project’s sponsors relied on historians, theologians and biblical scholars who worked so that the film recreates the Gospel and Palestine of 2,000 years ago as much as possible. In fact, they traveled to Jerusalem to do preliminary research that would allow them to get the small details right.

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The Church has biblical scholars, missionaries, historians, archaeologists… What we did was go to the Vatican, where there are many of them, and invite them to participate in this project that is closely linked to a thing that is at the heart of Christianity: evangelism.

Animators, from major companies like Pixar or Disney, bring this story to life through a 3D creation platform. The message of the gospel is now alive in a different way, in every detail of the movie scenes.

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We want to do everything possible to ensure that the stones on the walls of the Via Dolorosa are the same size, as close to reality as possible. We want to find the same purple color that Jesus wore.

The film will be available in theaters and streaming platforms in Christmas 2025. The creators hope that it will be translated into many languages ​​like the first version of the film.

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