The New Big Bud: One of the largest tractors in the world has been relaunched in the USA

El nuevo de Big Bud: se relanzó en Estados Unidos uno de los tractores más grandes del mundo

The Resurrection of the Big Bud tractor is one of the main attractions of the Farm Progress Show 2023. A pre-production model will be on display at the agricultural show most importantly in the United States.

New Big Bud 700

the new model Big Bud 700 The iconic tractor is trying to gain a place in the machinery market Empresa Big Equipment.

And it’s one of the main draws, with new Big Bud tractors hitting the market for the first time in 40 years. “It’s not uncommon for old Big Buds to run well for decades, even up to 40,000 hours,” said Ron Harmon, owner of Big Equipment Company. “We wanted to double that again by making everything easily accessible, with shared parts and no restrictions on the owner in terms of repairs. But we also wanted it to be stronger than anything we’ve ever done before.”

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There are also some disappointments with the Big Bud display, as the specimen on display is not quite ready to use.

He The 640 hp Big Bud 700 is built on a 1.5 inch thick chassis and robust CAT 988 HD axles., typically used on large mining loaders. It is also equipped with an 18-speed gearbox.

You can build an affordable heavy tractor, but if you can’t get the power to the ground, it’s not much use.” Harmon added. “That’s why we selected LSW tires as the main tire that we recommend people to put on our tractors.” It should be noted that the new Big Bud is on display at the Titan booth. one of the leading tire manufacturers in the United States.

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The Big Bud 700 is available with multiple Low Sidewall Technology® (LSW®) configuration options, ranging from twin or single Goodyear® Optitorque® LSW710/65R46 R-1 tires to the world’s largest agricultural tire, the Goodyear® Optitrac® LSW1400/ 30R46R-1W.


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