The new faces of Cacique interseason

the new faces of Cacique interseason

Colo Colo returned to training on Monday, October 16. He did it at the Monumental stadium and, on Tuesday the 17th of the same month, he gave the pass to the commune of Pirque, the place of the interseason concentration.

The team led by Gustavo Quinteros decided to choose the facilities of SIFUP to hold this mini interseason. The purpose is to improve the physicality for the final matches of the National Championship and the end of the Chile Cup.

However, the coach has many absences due to selection nominations: Vicente Pizarro, Damián Pizarro, Daniel Gutiérrez, Bruno Gutiérrez, César Fuentes, Fernando de Paul and Brayan Cortés were absent in the first days of practice.

For this reason, Gustavo Quinteros considers many young players with a contingent that is compatible with training. Here at DaleAlbo we tell you about the new faces that are in Pirque.

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The new faces of Colo Colo in the interseason

There are many new faces in Popular in Pirque for this interseason and they all come from Young Football, which is free this week for the Clausura 2023.

Leandro Hernandez: The forward has already completed several training sessions with the first team. In fact, not only that, but he has also been number one in many training sessions with his goals.

The winger, who can officiate on both sides, rose to the Projection category this year with his teammates from the Under 17 team that was crowned champions at the end of 2022.

It’s also worth noting that Leandro Hernández added his first call-up alongside Gustavo Quinteros a few games ago. However, he could not sit on the substitute bench and was left behind.

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Nicolás Suárez: another defender who was part of the Under 17 champion in 2022 and who in 2023 is part of the projection category. The player has been in several training sessions with Gustavo Quinteros.

The footballer has changed a lot of positions, since last year he was a central defender. Today, under the command of Eduardo Rubio, he has played for them at left back many times.

Michael Toledo: The central defender made his Cacique debut against Audax Italiano in a pandemic. He is one of the top center-backs in the Projection category and is now a starter.

Gustavo Quinteros always considered him because of his body and height for the position. He also completed many training sessions with the honor squad this 2023, playing with many friends.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that there are also two goalkeepers from Young Football, who join Eduardo Villanueva and Martín Ballesteros, third goalkeeper and fourth of the Eternal Champion. Brayan Cortés and Fernando de Paul are in the Chilean team.

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When will Cacique play?

The Eternal Champion will face Huachipato on October 28 at the CAP stadium in the city of Talcahuano. The schedule has not been confirmed and, in the next few days, there should be official information from the official networks of the Steelers.

Can Colo Colo be the champion of the National Championship?

Can Colo Colo be the champion of the National Championship?


Then, Magellan appears on the horizon for Gustavo Quinteros. On November 7, Cacique regained its pending match against San Bernardo for the 2023 National Championship.