The new FPC team without a coach

El entrenador que fue despedido en el FPC

The ruthless and silent FPC once again did its thing, leaving a new coach without a job. Date after date, it is reported in the country that a strategic will leave the bank and today 14, at the end of the round-robin, a club is left without a team. With this, with more than a dozen strategists out of work, it is surprising in cases that some teams have fired up to two coaches.

Independiente Medellín’s victory over Atlético Bucaramanga leaves the project that started well this semester with Alexis Márquez in limbo. Whoever built the base of a competing team like Deportivo Pereira, is now unemployed as he himself confirmed in the press conference. For him, the dynamic is unsustainable and thinking that ‘Leopard’ can qualify, he prefers to leave.

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The coach sacked by the FPC

During the post-match press conference of the match against Medellín, Márquez asked for more minutes to confirm his departure. Although there are rumors, it is thought of the end game which, as it turns out, is not good. In his words, the DT said that “As I spoke with the players at halftime and when I just spoke with the president, my situation in the institution is not comfortable. They have already talked, I have decided to leave.”, the strategist was surprised.

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In his arguments, Márquez made that clear “Despite all the good work done by the group of players and the good achieved, one has to know when one has to leave.“. To this he added that “We left calmly because no matter how much or how little, we will give it to the players. We are in a position where the results are yes or yes. And if the results are not like ours now, it will be very complicated.“, he declared.

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In the end it ended with words that worried some sectors of the fans, as he said “We are in a position where without results it is difficult to sustain ourselves. We are in a city where the environment is getting worse. I know stepping to the side will take a little bit of the weight off that they can afford.”. Now Bucaramanga must find a coach, in a list not too short of men who can take them to the desired classification.


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