The new Toyota Land Cruiser 250 is sold in Spain

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 First Edition 2 Motor16

Starting this week, anyone who wants to be one of the first lucky ones to enjoy the new Toyota Land Cruiser 250 will have the opportunity to make an online reservation. Of course, orders are only opened for the exclusive Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition, a limited edition exclusive for this launch period, as well as the Prestige and Executive finish, where other versions should be added later.

That being said, it must be clarified that the first deliveries to customers are not scheduled until the third quarter of 2024, which means that if you order your Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Prestige, Executive or First Edition now, you will start to enjoy it, at the earliest, in July of 2024.

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 First Edition 2 Motor16Toyota Land Cruiser 250 First Edition 2 Motor16

The fourth Toyota Land Cruiser “Prado” has arrived in Europe

The truth is that the transformation of the Toyota Land Cruiser is an event. Born in 1951, the Japanese off-roader debuted its “Prado” family (the one currently sold in Spain) in 1984 with the “civilized” variant of the Series 70, which retained the rigid axles but included of springs and guide arms instead of crossbows. .

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This Toyota Land Cruiser family gave way to the Series 90 in 1996, replaced in 1992 by the successful Toyota Land Cruiser 120/125which has been the best-selling SUV in Spain for many years.

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 First Edition 5 Motor16Toyota Land Cruiser 250 First Edition 5 Motor16

The 120/125 Series will lead the way in 2009 on Toyota Land Cruiser 150 (long) and 155 (short), which is currently sold and will soon give way to the new 250 Series, which is only available in a five-door body.

This is the commercial offer of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 250 in Europe

The first thing to explain is the new Toyota Land Cruiser continue to be a pure all-rounder, which does not prevent it from including refinements such as a 12.3-inch customizable digital instrumentation, a multimedia screen of the same size that provides access to a new information and entertainment system, a audio system with 10 speakers, heated and ventilated front seats, as well as countless ADAS grouped under the name Toyota Safety Sense.

Exclusive finishes (which apparently will not initially be sold) and First Edition have a front stabilizer bar disconnection system (SDM) to increase the traction capacity of this powertrain in extreme conditions, 20-inch alloy wheels, digital rearview mirror and JBL audio system premium 14 speakers.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 250 5 Engine16Toyota Land Cruiser 250 5 Engine16

In all this, The limited First Edition series is distinguished by “custom styling”, with specific 18-inch wheels, round headlights, two-tone Sand or Smoky Blue exterior paint and identifying badges, while in the cabin, the front seats have specific piping and stitching.

For their part, the Prestige and Executive versions share a new exterior design (that of the rectangular headlights) which, according to Toyota, “brings the vehicle’s fundamental strength and capability with a clean, contemporary look, where form follows function.” The two trims differ visually as the Executive is equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels compared to the Prestige’s 18-inch wheels. We know that too All three versions (Prestige, Executive and First Edition) are available, in the initial pre-sale period, in five and seven-seat configurations.

The engines of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 250

In all of this, in Western Europe the new Toyota Land Cruiser 250 will be powered by a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine with 204 hp similar to the current model, combined with a new eight-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission, with a hauling capacity of up to 3,500 kg. In 2025, an electrified variant of this engine will be introduced in a light hybridization using a 48 volt electric motor.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 250 6 Engine16Toyota Land Cruiser 250 6 Engine16

As we already know, the new model has a global platform called GA-F from Toyota that promises to improve off-road capabilities by providing a 30% increase in overall the rigidity and a 50% increase in the frame.

Likewise, the new suspension design promises to allow better articulation of the wheels, while the electric steering assistance (included for the first time in a Toyota Land cruiser) promises to reduce the movements caused by steering wheels, something essential for Avoidance. finger injury when riding on rough terrain.

As for the prices, nothing is known at the moment, but we promise to update this information as soon as it becomes available.

Photos of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 250 First Edition

Photos of the new Toyota Land Cruiser