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Monday, March 8, 2021

The new US President Biden’s defense minister said the attack on Pakistan, Lashkar, Jaish said this

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Democrat Joe Biden has now taken over as the new president of America. After the arrival of Biden, the international community, especially India, has been eyeing what the White House says on China and Pakistan or what its stand is like. At the same time, Biden’s possible defense minister, General (Retired) Lloyd Austin, has given a big statement about Pakistan. According to Austin, the future head of the US Department of Defense Pentagon, Pakistan has not taken the action it should have taken against terrorist attacks on India, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Promise to increase cooperation with India

General Austin was recently attending the Senate Armed Committee hearing. During this time, he made this big statement. He said that after the approval of the Senate, if he becomes the next Defense Minister of the US, then the defense partnership with India will be carried forward. General Austin spoke of the intensification of China’s aggression on the Indo-Pacific region. If 67-year-old Austin gets approval from the Senate, then he will be the first defense minister who needs a waiver from the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Under the US National Security Act, the Secretary of Defense can be assigned this post only seven years after retiring from active duty. According to General Austin, mutual cooperation with India will be enhanced in the Quad Security Dialogue and other regional contacts in India. Also, the status of a big defense partner that has been given to India by the US will be taken further.

China has become a big challenge

He retired in 2016 and has served the US Central Command, which is responsible for Afghanistan and Iraq. Lloyd is a four star general. Lloyd said that America should focus on Asia, especially China, which is only increasing the challenges. However, General Lloyd admitted that competition would increase with China and Russia in the coming years. While China is becoming a challenge for America in every field. According to Lloyd, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) currently has the ability to carry out operations in information, cyber and space. In such a situation, it is important for America to form a security strategy for a long time with its partners.

Pakistan, safe haven of terrorists

Austin was asked if the US ceased cooperation with Pakistan in 2018, will it be resumed? To this Austin replied, ‘I understand that Pakistan has taken the necessary steps to fulfill the American request and has helped in the Afghanistan peace process. Pakistan has also taken steps against the organizations that attacked India but still this process is incomplete.

According to General Austin, the withdrawal of aid from Pakistan is like hindering the cooperation from this country. According to General Austin, his aim is to pressure Pakistan to prevent its border from being used against terrorist activities so that this country does not remain a safe haven for terrorists.

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