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The New Zealand island paradise hated by Argentine immigrants

Peace, security and stability: these are the basic characteristics listed by Argentines who choose to live in FLOODING. It is a small island located north of New Zealand, is one of the countries that have developed preferences when it comes to immigration.

With a size of 92 km2 and located only 40 kilometers from Auckland, almost 9,000 inhabitants live on this island surrounded by turquoise waters and it is one of the places chosen by Argentines to live because it is small and quiet, the distances are short. and has a large community of Latinos. The countrymen were established in the place he talked to Clarion They agreed that, since their arrival, they know another way of life.

“My anxiety levels have dropped dramatically. This is where I understand that It is not normal to walk in fear of being robbed or doing something to me,” confessed Pamela Chapperon (35), who moved seven years ago after resigning from the company she worked for in Argentina.

She said: “Now I live with my husband in a house that has become our home.” Today he works permanently in a bank and performs additional administrative tasks in a musical event production company and in a gardening company.

He found a job quickly, and speaking English fluently “made the process easier.” Although she has three jobs, Pamela emphasizes that sometimes she has little work, The salary always allows him to live well.: “I have enough to pay the rent, shop at the supermarket, fill up the gas for us campervan paying for household expenses like electricity and internet, buying more things and saving for others.”

The friends who are together

Lautaro Rodríguez (28), Renzo Casco (27) and Nacho Lettieri (27) have been friends for a long time and made the decision to migrate in the summer. They arrived in March. Although the desire to live in New Zealand was long hidden and they thought about the consequences of being away, Living together helps them cope with the uprooting.

“It was a destination that told me a lot. I know this nice place to live and especially to work”, Lautaro began. And Renzo added: “It’s very beautiful and they take good care of the environment.”

Currently, they work in a construction company and rent a house with another friend. Despite the high costs, the salaries are enough to lead a decent life. Added to this is the fact that sharing expenses makes it easier for everyone. “The rent is very cheap compared to the salary”, they say. “Splitting the rent, food and other expenses makes it cheaper for us because if someone wants to pay alone, it’s too expensive,” said Renzo.

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Your working day is Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday, and the money was given to them. But not only to “live everyday” like in Argentina, but to be calm. They even have a savings capacity that they did not achieve in their country. “The salary is very good in relation to Argentina. It also depends on the number of hours you work per week, and of course you are allowed to save more,” said Lautaro.

In this sense, Nacho explained: “You pay every week. “It’s enough for me to pay the rent and feed myself, but I can also save to continue traveling and indulging myself.” “Small luxuries” are allowed to be less common in Argentina. According to Lautaro, they don’t need to “compare prices” when shopping weekly at the supermarket or limit themselves to staple foods.

Gonzalo Battistessa Works In Gardening.  He Immigrated Four Years Ago And Is Still Surprised By The Differences Between Argentina And New Zealand.

Gonzalo Battistessa works in gardening. He immigrated four years ago and is still surprised by the differences between Argentina and New Zealand.

All three agree on unmatched quality of life. “The security here is unbelievable. In Waiheke, you can go out calmly to walk on the street, at any time, and you will not be alerted that something will happen to you,” explained Renzo. “In addition to economic stability, my most weighed is the security and peace in which one lives Lautaro agreed.

For his part, Nacho also emphasized the proper movement of traffic, banking procedures and the health system. “They are very strict and strict down to the smallest details,” he concludes.

“In New Zealand everything works”

Santiago Croci (25), who arrived on the island in August, was surprised by the same thing: “Here the rules are followed and that makes everything more efficient. In New Zealand everything works as it should and no one interferes with what is not theirs.”

“I have a room, a good job, I’m doing the things I want and I’m learning a lot,” said the man who landed just three months a Working Holiday visa allows you to work and travel at the same time. He started with a supermarket but, after a few days, he chose a food distribution company. “I saved half of my salary and in one month I bought a car,” he explained, surprised: in Argentina he had two jobs to make ends meet.

Sea Around Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Sea around Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Economic problems and uncertainty are not topics on the agenda in their new home. In fact, according to him, this is something that can be seen in society. “You don’t see bad vibes in general because people don’t have to overcome political or monetary problems. “That makes the population more relaxed,” he admits and reflects: “Argentinians know how to solve problems in many ways.”

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Four years later Gonzalo Battistess a settled on the island. He traveled on a tourist visa and soon applied for a Working Holiday. Working on landscaping: “I plant, cut the grass, fumigate and since I have a vineyard that I work on, I also take care of it. This is a seasonal job and this is my fifth job.

And he continues: “Here they give you back the dignity that any worker can access something as basic as food, without depriving themselves of anything, and you can save. It’s worth it for anyone that worker to do this and deserve to buy what they need to live, have stability and be able to plan. Furthermore, he emphasized that a person who has the desire and willingness to work has many opportunities in Waiheke and that, inevitable, “it’s fine”.

Gonzalo At Sunset In Waiheke.  He Said It Was There &Quot;They Will Restore The Dignity Of Any Worker&Quot;.

Gonzalo at sunset in Waiheke. He said that there “they will restore the dignity of any worker.”

“You can walk calmly, even women can walk alone and nothing will happen. You can take your cell phone anywhere and they won’t steal it, leave the car unlocked and the keys in the keys, most houses don’t have locks. Everything is like when I was a child in Argentina”, he reported.

At this point, and comparing the current situation in the country where he grew up, he confesses that returning is not an option. “Every day you think about this because it’s your land, because our family and friends are there. But you are also used to it being enough, to undergo a thousand changes, to calm down and live without stress. There are not the same concerns as Argentina,” he said.

Gonzalo still amazed at the difference between the two countries. “I have friends who work two jobs and can’t make ends meet. Everything is so complicated, you can’t believe inflation or instability,” he concluded.

Sol Beroiz (28) immigrated in 2019 and is now raising her daughter in Waiheke. Satisfied, he admitted that for him, organization and clear priorities are the key for a country to function properly. “There is security, stability and you don’t waste time with a method,” he admitted about a system that seems to be completely flowing. Also, be thankful to be alive “without thinking about money as a problem”.

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Although he doesn’t want to be away from his family, especially when important events happen, he says there is a very large Latino community that makes him feel comfortable. “Basically, I met a lot of Argentines. “Many people want to be ahead by showing themselves in this area.”

Waiheke, dominated by Argentines even in football

Everywhere you go, there are Argentines. This is what the interviewees warned. “The difference I’ve noticed since I’ve been here is that before most came ‘to see what’s what’ and if they wanted it, they stayed. Today I meet many people who come with the intention of staying permanently. Our WhatsApp group where there are Latinos, It increased in just a few months from 200 people to almost 900”, said Pamela.

On the island there is even an “Argentine” soccer club: the Waiheke United, initiated by three friends from Olivos in 2013, achieved seven promotions in eight years and in 2021 reached New Zealand’s first division. He is currently playing in the second category.

When looking for a job, citizens point out that this is important there is support for people already installed. “If they are from your country, they will help you. A very cool community was formed,” said Juana, who arrived in August. “It is not difficult for me to find a job because I have a friend and he helped me get it. I am a bartender and three days after arriving, I started working in a vineyard,” he said very happily.

Pamela Moved Seven Years Ago And Never Thought Of Returning To Argentina.

Pamela moved seven years ago and never thought of returning to Argentina.

Milagros Lanfranconi and his partner, Juan Cruz Gaitán, also quickly found work. “On the second day after arrival, we had three interviews for full-time positions,” they said. And like everyone else, they never cease to be amazed by order and security. “We never closed the door of our house and did not feel like walking in fear,” said Milagros. “Living here has changed our lives. Once you get used to the comfort and security you feel, it’s very difficult to go back,” they said.

And Pamela agrees: “Every time I think of going back, I evaluate everything I have built, the peace, the freedom and the pace of life that I have followed: something that I do not see possible if I go back to Argentina.” The uprooting and loss of loved ones is something that is transversal in the discourses of migrants. But even if it bothers them, they admit that there is know something hard to resign.

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