The Nicaraguan has been missing from the US for over a year

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For more than a year, the pain of grief has been with the family of Nicaraguan Lenar Fabricó López Sandoval, 30 years old, from Ocotal, Nueva Segovia, whom they did not watch when he traveled to the United States (USA) . . ).

The last communication with his relatives was on February 2, 2022, since then the countryman has been missing, according to the organization Texas Nicaraguan Community (TNC).

According to his relatives, the young man called when he arrived in the state of Florida and contacted his partner, but since then he has not talked.

TNC said that Fabricio’s mother died a month ago, cardiac arrest, because of the grief of not having information about him, but, the father of the 71-year-old Nicaraguan is still alive and wants to know -an where his son is.

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The distraught family claimed that his new partner, a woman also from Ocotal, was the one who sent him to the US, accompanied by acquaintances.

“He no longer gave any reason for her, that he no longer spoke, the woman is now imprisoned in Managua, for drug trafficking,” the organization wrote on its Facebook page.

His sister got scammed

Fabricio’s sister, who lives in Spain, was scammed when contacted by criminals, leading her to believe that she had been kidnapped at the border of the United States.

“They told him that if he did not send the money, they would hurt him, and he sent the money and it was to an account in a country in South America, there he realized that it was a scam, but at the time and the. desperation I don’t think,” said the sister to TNC.

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The case became more depressing, when the sister analyzed that the only person who knew that she was going to the United States was her current partner, because she did not say goodbye to her parents, so that she would not suffer.

If anyone has seen it, you can contact the number +1 (210) 744-5773.

Since August of this year, he is the fifth Nicaraguan to disappear in the United States, according to TNC publications.