The Nightmare Lived By The Woman Who Said “Don’t Play The Victim”

The Nightmare Lived By The Woman Who Said "Don't Play The Victim"

Elizabeth Ogaz lives in La Calera, Chile, and became famous in 2019 when she launched the video in a television interview. idiom, “Don’t play victim”, woman He was referring to María Inés Facuse, the then-wife of Sergio Jad, a Chilean football official who was on trial for corruption in the “FIFA Gate” scandal. Ogaz reveals he is a victim meme And when they find him on the street, he gets insults from the people.

The popular expression “don’t play the victim” spread widely on social networks. It was like, all of a sudden, Chile became one of the people with the largest number of memes in the world. For three years, this sentence of his remained a part of the conversation of the people.

From that moment on he was attacked by people who recognized him on the street and addressed him with offensive remarks, asked for pictures and even attacked him. “I feel bad because we can’t even go down the street, yesterday we went shopping in the supermarket and people looked at us and laughed, they annoyed us and yelled, they even asked us for pictures, my daughter had to go out and Defend me,” commented the woman in conversation with Chile TV,

Ogaz, on the other hand, said: “What they say hurts me. My diabetes got worse, my self-esteem dropped, so I have to worry because I don’t hurt anyone.” In addition, she remarked that her husband also received aggression from people: “I have to go with him, because of this situation my wife wept bitterly on several occasions.”

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The woman expressed that she doesn’t feel offended by his joke: “It’s not funny to me. I have problems with my teeth and I mispronounce many words”, and concluded: “I feel bad because I can hardly go out” school. street”.