The number of active users of Threads for Android has dropped by nearly 80% in the last month

La red social de Meta ha sufrido una caída de prácticamente el 80 por ciento de usuarios activos diarios en Android.

Madrid, August 14, 2023 – The Instagram Threads app has seen a 79 percent decrease in active users on its Android app over the past month, with 10.3 million registered active users on August 7, up from 49.3 million on the same date last month. According to data from the SimilarWeb analysis portal.

The Instagram ‘microblogging’ social network was launched earlier in July this year by Meta with the aim of creating an alternative where users share their thoughts, opinions and creativity through text posts similar to X (formerly Twitter). Are.

Thus, a week after its launch, Threads managed to reach 100 million subscribed accounts globally, despite the fact that it was not available in all countries, such as those in the European Union.

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However, despite its success, the number of active users of the Android platform has decreased by up to 79 percent in the past month, according to data collected by The Verge from SimilarWeb analysis portal.

In other words, data recorded by SimilarWeb on July 7 shows that the ‘app’ for Android had 49.3 million daily active users. Now, data collected on August 7 shows that, over the past month, the daily active users of Threads for Android has dropped to 10.3 million users.

Hence, Meta’s social network has faced a drop of around 80 percent in the number of daily active users on Android.

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This decrease is also shown in the time of use of the ‘app’. According to SimilarWeb, the average daily time active users spend on the app has dropped to a total of three minutes. In contrast, at the time Threads was launched, the average daily time users spent on the social network was around 14 minutes globally.


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