The number of rental and electric vehicle contracts in the leasing sector increases

La contratación y el número de contraciones de vehículos eléctricos se incrementa en el sector renting

There is an increasing number of contracts and contracts for electric vehicles in the leasing sector.

The vehicle leasing sector is clearly committed to a sustainable market, not just because it is Best option for individuals, freelancers or companies Interest in taking care of the environment, also because of the financial and tax benefits that come from using these cars.

Leasing sector increases contracting of electric vehicles

From, one of the most prominent online portals for renting electric cars, they encrypt in a Contract for electric vehicles to increase by more than 20% this year compared to 2022.

“Great leasing options are the most important factors for sustainable mobility and access to alternative energy engines for individuals and companies,” he highlights from the forum.

This growth is also reflected by the AER in its latest registration report from last July, where a 25.74% increase in total electrified vehicle registrations can be seen.

Although the proportion of these cars is 9.76%, it is a significant share compared to the total market, which is 10.20%.

And the point is that the electric market is the present, not the future. It has been booming for many years with the data increasing every year. This upward trend has been reinforced by several reasons:

  • The automotive industry is moving in that direction., All manufacturers, almost without exception, offer electric vehicles in most categories and segments: cars in segment A and above, as well as in F. In addition, all styles are included: Urban, Family, SUV and Sport.
  • The Eurozone and its 27 member states are designing sustainable policies like 2030 Agenda. for this they give incentives like Moves III Plan. The purpose of this type of subsidy, given by the central government, is to accelerate the introduction of electric cars in Spain, as well as to improve the electric car fleet.
  • Upgrade Car Park: Spain is very interested in renewing the car park, we must not forget that it is one of the oldest in Europe with an average of about 14 years. Furthermore, a ban on combustion cars (diesel and gasoline) in Europe will become a reality by 2035.
  • Environmental label and city center: More and more Spanish cities are in the process of creating low-emission zones where only non-polluting vehicles such as electric and hybrid vehicles can drive. Although some combustion vehicles such as most modern cars can run in such an environment, depending on their label, This forces the sector and the citizens to opt for EVs.
  • Society is more concerned about the environment, as collected by the most recent statistics and reports from the CIS or Center for Social Research since last March. This body points to the concern of Spaniards for sustainable mobility who already consider it another problem with unemployment or the economic crisis, as well as other problems.
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Why does electric car leasing help reduce environmental impact?

EVs play an important role in transitioning to a sustainable future, as they offer many benefits including reduced carbon emissions.

Next, we’ll elaborate on the commitment to electric vehicles in the rental sector and why Excellent sustainable option for both individuals and companies.

  • reduction in carbon emissions

Unlike conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, EVs run on electricity stored in batteries, thereby eliminating the need to burn fossil fuels.

This significant shift towards clean energy sources drastic reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions, Combating global climate change effectively.

  • maintain air quality

The combustion of fossil fuels in conventional vehicles not only emits greenhouse gases, but also emits harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and particulates.

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Eliminating tailpipe emissions ensures cleaner, healthier air, which benefits both the environment and human health

  • Support for the transition to renewable energy

Renting electric cars helps accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

When EV drivers charge their vehicles using solar panels or wind turbines, they effectively reduce their dependence on the grid and their reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

  • Profitability, savings and flexibility

l rental This is a profitable option for many drivers and companies as it allows you to set comfortable time frames and select A vehicle suited to our needs.

In addition, the existence of large charging points in shopping centers and non-payment locations allows users to save. Undoubtedly, all these advantages ensure that the sector is clearly committed to this type of vehicle. There is an increasing number of contracts and contracts for electric vehicles in the leasing sector.

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