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The Numbers That Raise the Legend of Serena

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“The Williams Method” refreshed the sisters’ sporting and social impact months ago

He has decided to call off his career at the US Open

Serena Williams He said goodbye to his professional career yesterday and the tennis world lost one of its greatest stars for the foreseeable future.

for a time it seemed Serena was called to break the record barrier of Court as far as Grand Slam is concerned. And half a century later the throne of everything seemed like Margaret It staggered. That North American had a shot. That record already belonged to him. They haven’t given him time. It’s possible that a few years less or with a few more seasons ahead, he could have invaded that throne. Like many others, like everyone else, he lost the definitive battle against time.

nothing stopped the little girl Williams Which changed the game, the style of women’s tennis on the court. Part of his legacy will be in the way he established his behavior while competing. In inspiration it has provided for generations to come. America has marked an era.

method of Serena He buried the classic style that set the tone on the WTA circuit for decades, with strategy as an argument, school movements backed by talented players, polished technique and great mental and physical preparation.

Serena Certainly a revolution was imposed, the glimpses of which were visible years earlier, as in the racket Steffi graph hey Monica late But it was not installed yet. It was strength, above all power, great ambition and an exceptionally competitive character. Those were the times when physical preparation took its course. Exchanges did not last forever and the points at stake were getting smaller and smaller. The serve also gained relevance in women’s tennis, and the punch disarmed the opponent.

Growth coincided with the development of new habits. Food, for example, and new materials in rackets and all sports components. He got used to it completely. Serena Which is already marked area on tour. Much of what came after and what is now comes from factories Williams, Now it’s all to do with it.

Serena, knowing his superiority, won whenever and wherever he wanted. He hastened the time to turn the result around, ruining forecasts and disappointing opponents. The Saginaw player set the pace. His outrage on the court went beyond just games, competitions, tournaments. Ranked number one in the world for 319 weeks, it made the sport a spectacle. He made the runway a catwalk where every movement and every performance had an athletic part and another trend, style.

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younger sister of Williams Not only on tennis, but on clothes as well. There it was phenomenal, it attracted attention. He shared the front page on the couch paper, in great sports media as well as in current magazines. and that Serena It was the claims of big firms that further increased its popularity. She now has her own clothing line and collection of women’s accessories, including jewelry.

a famous person Serena Williams, the last great queen of the women’s circuit. The one that dominated the courts for decades and held an authority longer than the one established in men’s tennis, known as the Big Three Raphael Nadal, Nowaki Djokovic You Aarey federer,

so there was nothing Serena Which leaves the competition with 23 Grand Slams out of 73 titles won on the circuit. When he broke into the aristocracy of course, he monopolized the regime the Swiss were bidding for Martina hingis First, her sister Venus your countryman Jennifer capriati in recent years already graphOne step away from retirement.

Serena He began winning in 1999. He won his first major titles at Paris, Indian Wells, Los Angeles, the Grand Slam Cup and the US Open. Nothing stopped him anymore.

Since that victory in New York in the final hingis Nothing Can Stop at Flushing Meadows Serena, He always won something from then until 2017, except in 2006, his only vacant season. That course played only four tournaments due to a knee injury.

Four years earlier, in 2002, he had signed his definitive Blast. That year he won three of the four Grand Slams: Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open. In 2007 he reappeared at Melbourne Park in Australia and won. He got over it and everything went on.

They retained the type and domain they had before the dissolution of Belgian tennis. Justin there are You kim clustersTo the strength of the new Russian generation under the leadership of Maria Sharapova, svetlana Kuznetsova hey anastasia myskina, to your compatriots Venus, capriati hey davenport, She stood there, amongst them all, as the best.

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Seven Australian Open titles (2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2017), three Roland Garros titles (2002, 2013, 2015), seven Wimbledon titles (2002, 2003, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016) and six US Opens (1999, 2002, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014).

In addition, one Olympic gold in London 2012, fourteen majors in doubles and three titles at the Games (Sydney 200, Beijing 2008 and London 2012) with his sister Venus,

Five years have passed since her last Grand Slam title at the Australian Open after beating her sister in the final. then crossed Steffi Graf, He achieved number one in the world and achieved everything to hunt further records Margaret court,

His world stopped. Serena She was pregnant and that same year, in April of 2017, she put aside the circuit, competition and her goals. everything changed for Serena Williams, Perspectives, challenges, competition. Family became a priority. His life, that of his daughter. his family.

Between the eyebrows to be the best in history. best. The thought never left him. And it came back. Grand Slam victories were within reach when in 2015 he managed to win in Australia, Paris and London. But New York kicked him out.

For a long time he had dreamed of returning, the idea of ​​closing the cordon. To complete the last challenge. with hunting courtWith it being the best ever. He jumped on the track again and brushed the finish line. In 2018 he played the Wimbledon final in which he lost angelic kerber And the United States Open surpassed the Japanese Naomi Osaka, A season later, she was still on point at Wimbledon, having been defeated in the previous match by simona Halepand in New York, overtaken bianca andreescu,

It was a short tournament, in Auckland in 2021 when she won her last trophy after becoming a mother.

Now nothing is the same as before. He couldn’t beat time, natural law, or the ambitious young women who grew up in the face of legend. Due to physical problems, she began to consider her retirement and “plans away from tennis”.

Nothing like New York like Flushing Meadows to say goodbye. Montenegrin left behind Danka kovinik, Also second in the world, Estonian other contavito, But this Australian did not survive come on tomljanovic, The world fell on him. Emotion, goodbye, time. “I am Serena Williams”; What did it take to be great!

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